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Affordable Seating is one of the most competitively priced manufacturers nationwide. We are always observing the market and adjust prices and products accordingly. We would like to announce that we are launching our "Price Guarantee" program.

Affordable Seating commits to the best price in the market. Found the same items somewhere else for a better price? All items which carry the "Price Guarantee" logo (see above) will be given a discount of up to 5%* on any lower quote. Please submit the quote by fax to (888) 496-5554 or email You can also submit your quote via our automated system at the "Shopping Cart" page. All quotes must be on official letterhead and must include all fees, shipping costs, and tax if applicable.

*The discount amount will be determined by the items and total cost of your order. Only orders of $1,500 and up qualify for the "Price Guarantee" program.

A Guide to Buying Restaurant Booths

Would you prefer a table or a booth?

How many times did you get to ask this question? And how many times was the answer “booth please”? Unless the party is a big one, chances are that “booth” is the most preferred option. And this is probably, one of the main reasons you are now looking to buy booths for your restaurant.

First thing to do before actually buying your dining booths is to decide what kind of booths you need and want. On this page you will find a list of the various types of booths available including ready-made and custom.

Once you decide on the booth’s shape you will need to calculate how many booths you need and how many you can actually install in your venue. For regular shaped booths this means that you will have to measure the length of your wall and based on the type of booths you want you will be able to know how many booths you can fit along that wall -- our easy to use, online booth calculator can help you with this task. Don’t forget to also consider the width of the area and to leave enough room for easy access for your customers and staff.

Now that the main issues are behind you, all you need to do is go online, look at the various dining booth designs and choose the one that best matches your restaurant’s décor. You can also use the free 3D booth designer to see how your booths will look in vinyl or fabric. If you require a special upholstery material or a logo imprinted on the seating make sure that you can request changes made to the booth prior to purchasing.

This is all you need for the regularly shaped booths. But what if you don’t want a regular shape? What if you need a corner booth or an L shaped one? A different shape will require more preparation on your part as you will need to make more measurements and make sure they are correct. After verifying your measurements, you will still need to choose your preferred upholstery and order the booths. However, unlike the standard ones, you will not be able to finalize your order online and you will need to either call the company or have them call you back to receive your measurements and give you a price quote.

Another thing to remember is that custom made restaurant booths take more time to make and ship, so be sure you order them with time to spare.

To summarize here is a bulleted list of how to order your restaurant booths:

  • Decide on the shape of the booths: single, double, wall bench or custom made
  • Measure available space and calculate the number of booths that can fit in that space
  • Go online and choose the upholstery that best matches your décor
  • Order your items but make sure all your contact information is correct, especially if your booths and/or upholstery are custom made.
  • Make sure you order the booths in time and not at the last minute.
  • Enjoy your new restaurant booths!