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Affordable Seating is one of the most competitively priced manufacturers nationwide. We are always observing the market and adjust prices and products accordingly. We would like to announce that we are launching our "Price Guarantee" program.

Affordable Seating commits to the best price in the market. Found the same items somewhere else for a better price? All items which carry the "Price Guarantee" logo (see above) will be given a discount of up to 5%* on any lower quote. Please submit the quote by fax to (888) 496-5554 or email You can also submit your quote via our automated system at the "Shopping Cart" page. All quotes must be on official letterhead and must include all fees, shipping costs, and tax if applicable.

*The discount amount will be determined by the items and total cost of your order. Only orders of $1,500 and up qualify for the "Price Guarantee" program.

Seating Guide

Using the right furnishings and layout for a restaurant is crucial. These factors control how efficiently the restaurant operates to supply the customer with the most pleasant environment. When furnishing a restaurant you must consider two main points: Distance and Furniture Arrangements.


You want to ensure customers won't get bumped by staff or other customers. To successfully achieve that you must position the chairs at least 18" apart from each other. If a chair is placed near a wall, you must allow at least 40" of space from the chair to the wall.

Furniture Arrangements

Using the right furniture arrangement is the key to a successful restaurant. This will help create the right atmosphere while ensuring the staff can work properly.

  • The angels between tables to restrict views.
  • Wide spaced tables: Having a variety of tables helps you better manipulate when having large number of customers. Mixing table sizes will help create a visually interesting restaurant. Keep in mind that square tables allow flexibility and are easier to re-arrange.
  • High backed seats.
  • Light chairs are easily moved and do not damage the floor.
  • Heavy chairs are more prestige and luxurious.
  • For more flexibility you might consider storing some extra stackable chairs just in case.