Commercial Bar Stools Buying Guide

Buying bar stools for your bar or restaurant shouldn’t be a difficult task, but with all the different designs and options available, we’re certainly not making it any easier for you. We know we can’t choose your bar stools for you, nor would you want us to, but we can provide you with all the information you need to make a good, informative decision on which bar stools you should get for your bar or restaurant.

There are a few questions you need to answer that will help in eliminating some options and will allow you to focus on the best options for you:

  • How many bar stools do you need?
  • Are you on a tight budget?
  • What type of venue do you own? Sports bar; Night club; Fancy restaurant; Neighborhood Pub…
  • Are you buying the stools for a new venue? New design scheme? Replacing old ones?
  • How soon do you need the bar stools?

The above questions might seem trivial but the way you answer them will change the type of bar stools you should buy.

For example: If you are on a budget but you need quite a few stools, then the best thing for you will be to go for metal bar stools with a standard vinyl seat, and to order them with the seats unattached. This way you are still getting a high quality stool but will save some money by not paying for special upholstery and for someone to attach the seats. Doing it yourself can save you a few dollars and it won’t take you long to do it either (only takes a few minutes with a screwdriver).

On the other hand, if you are the owner of a high end dining establishment and only need a few stools for the waiting area and the bar, you should probably go for the wood bar stools and not the metal ones. For the most part, wood bar stools add warmth to the atmosphere while metal stools tend to be somewhat cooler.

If you own a sports bar, then you’ll probably have people trying to move the stools around to better see the sport events on TV. Constant moving of the bar stools can damage their stability and shorten their lifespan. A smart option here would be to spend a little more and invest in swivel bar stools with backs; giving your patrons the freedom to turn around to get a better view without having to move the bar stool, and the comfort of back support for the whole length of a football game. Getting swivel bar stools with backs will keep your patrons happy and comfortable which means they’ll be coming back for the next game.

When you are buying bar stools for an already furnished establishment, there is only one basic rule; do your best to match the stools to the existing chairs and tables. Using your existing furniture as a guideline will narrow down your options and will help you choose whether to buy wood or metal bar stools and also what seat to have; upholstered or solid wood.

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