Choosing the Right Wood Chair for Your Restaurant

Before buying wood chairs for your restaurant or venue there are some things you should know about commercial grade wood chairs.

Anatomy of a Wood Chair

Choosing the right wood chair for your venue is a big choice. We are here for you to help you make an informed decision. When shopping for a wood chair, be sure to buy one that has a solid wood seat and not a cheap plywood seat. Not only is a saddle-shaped, solid wood seat more comfortable, it will last longer too as plywood seats are prone to cracking over time.

The chair’s joints should also be supported by strong L brackets and solid wood corner blocks reinforced with glue and heavy duty screws as opposed to thin corner blocks held together by weaker diameter screws. This will ensure the chair can provide adequate support during heavy use for a long time. Also look for a support bar that is at least 1" thick.

It is also important to be able to match your chair with your décor, whether it’s matching the chair’s finish to the finish on your table tops, bar stools or wood paneling. One of the advantages of buying with us is you can get a matching finish for all of your furniture and if you are buying chairs and bar stools, you can get matching styles.

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