A Guide to the Ideal Cafe Furniture

Determining which kind of tables and chairs are best for your venue can be difficult. The following guide contains our recommended seating for Cafés.


Let us help you find the ideal furniture for your café. On our website you will find a style to compliment every décor. Cafes tend to have a different clientele than restaurants. They often experience high traffic and customers typically spend less time there than they would in a restaurant. However, unlike quick service restaurants, café goers expect higher quality seating which usually includes wood chairs and restaurant booths.


Most cafés have wood floors or wood paneling, so wood tables would be a natural fit. We can custom make a wood finish to match your floors, wall or chairs. Wood also has a more prestigious look. It’s wise to invest in solid wood table tops which really bring out the beauty of the grain in the wood. Veneer wood table tops are more affordable and have the same look and feel as solid wood.

Granite table tops are popular for the premium look they have. They are also stain and scratch resistant so you won’t have to worry about customer leaving a hot cup on the table. We have a wide variety of colors to choose from and offer premium granite table tops and more affordable economy granite table tops. Either style will give your café a more upscale appearance.

Laminate table tops are also a smart choice for cafes because they are stain resistant and come in a number of styles that let you customize your table’s appearance and blend in with your décor. Custom table tops with laminate inlay or overlay and wood edge give you the stain resistant benefits of laminate with a wood edge that can match your décor. Custom laminate table tops with t-mold edge are also very popular with cafes that have high traffic and are very durable. They also come in a wide range of colors. Look for solid wood, veneer and laminate tables that are made in the USA.


Wood chairs are a common choice for cafes as they have more upscale look and have a warmer look and feel. Wood and metal chairs are also a good fit for cafes as they combine the strength of metal with the natural beauty of wood. For outdoor seating, aluminum and faux rattan patio or faux bamboo chairs are popular choices. All of our outdoor chairs are built to withstand all types of weather conditions and the synthetic rattan, wicker and bamboo is very string and durable. The strong yet lightweight aluminum frame provides stability and makes the chairs easy to stack and store them.

When shopping for wood chairs for your café, look for high quality construction. The chairs have heavy duty L brackets and use mortise and tenon style construction. They should also have solid wood seats and a solid wood support bracket. High quality wood chairs should also come with a warranty and should be certified by BIFMA which sets the industry standard for the commercial furniture industry.


6 Channel Restaurant Booth

Many restaurants use a combination of restaurant booths and chairs in their seating plan. Booths are popular with customers because of the privacy and comfort they provide. They can add value to a restaurant and help maximize available floor space. Many cafes use ½ booths which have a booth on one side and chairs on the other side. People that go to cafes expect quality seating, and that means comfortable booths. Plain back booths, 3 channels booths and custom booths can all be found in cafes and make a good addition to the seating mix.

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