Restaurant Table Tops

Affordable Seating has a wide variety of quality restaurant tables and table tops available in a number of customization options. No matter what type of venue you are furnishing, you can find a table top that will fit your decor perfectly, while remaining competitively priced. The restaurant tables at Affordable Seating are available in an array of materials, styles, sizes and colors. You are sure to find a top that matches your decor. Ask our customer service representatives to help you find the chairs, bar stools and table bases that go with your table top of choice - creating your perfect restaurant table. We can help you design a cohesive seating plan to outfit your whole venue or remodel an existing establishment.

Fine dining establishments, pizza parlors, pubs, banquet halls and nightclubs all have their own furnishing needs, but especially specifications for restaurant tables. The experts at Affordable Seating can help you with all your questions about the furniture selections that fit your establishment. Just tell us what kind of venue you have in mind and we can help you make it happen. [+] read more...

So whether you need laminate, wood, granite or plastic table tops, Affordable Seating can help you make the right choices for your establishment. The durability of our commercial strength restaurant tabled sets us apart from the competition. Buy online or call (888) 495-8884 for more info on our customizable table tops. [-] hide

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