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Affordable Seating is one of the most competitively priced manufacturers nationwide. We are always observing the market and adjust prices and products accordingly. We would like to announce that we are launching our "Price Guarantee" program.

Affordable Seating commits to the best price in the market. Found the same items somewhere else for a better price? All items which carry the "Price Guarantee" logo (see above) will be given a discount of up to 5%* on any lower quote. Please submit the quote by fax to (888) 496-5554 or email You can also submit your quote via our automated system at the "Shopping Cart" page. All quotes must be on official letterhead and must include all fees, shipping costs, and tax if applicable.

*The discount amount will be determined by the items and total cost of your order. Only orders of $1,500 and up qualify for the "Price Guarantee" program.

Seating Capacity

When designing your new restaurant, one of the most important aspects to consider is your restaurant layout. Choosing the correct table size and design (circle, square, or rectangle) can determine your restaurant holding capacity. For example, circle tables are more efficient as you can get more people seated at one, but the flexibility of a square or rectangle table allows you to join tables together so large parties are easily accommodated. The flow of the restaurant is important so when host/hostesses walk customers to their tables they are not weaving in and out disturbing eating customers.

Another aspect to consider is the type of food you will serve. A coffee/dessert shop may only need to utilize a 30" x 30" table which could seat 4 people. However, if the restaurant is serving full course meals with serving dishes, this size table will be too small for 4 people and best to only have 2 people seated.

For more questions or concerns please feel free to contact our Sales department at: (888) 495-8884
Seating Capacity