Rustic Chop House - Broken Arrow, OK

Rustic Chophouse is a top-notch steakhouse in Oklahoma that is a carnivore’s dream come true. The upscale bistro is a prime example of how industrial and rustic interior design can be integrated to create a truly special ambiance. Located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Rustic Chophouse is located in the Rose District which offers customers a unique experience. The restaurant opened in late 2020 to rave reviews. It offers fine dining in a rustic yet very high end atmosphere. The owner did a fantastic job of renovating and rejuvenating this old building into a very attractive restaurant. It is reminiscent of the upscale restaurants and bars in the Central West End in St Louis, both in look and quality.

Marlin Brewhouse and Restaurant - Fort Myers, Fl

Marlins Brewhouse is a large restaurant and brew house located in University Village in Fort Myers Florida. The Brewhouse has a large open space for the main interior dining area. The venue also has high ceilings painted in sea blue reflecting the Marlin’s habitat. Sleek hanging lights and exposed ducts painted white also give off a casual and industrial feel. They have 40 brews on tap and offer live entertainment and karaoke, making it a popular venue for food and entertainment. While guests are enjoying a brew or a meal, they can relax at tables and chairs or at booths. There are 16 large wide screen TV’s for guests to enjoy watching a sports match. The walls also have a surf motif and the concrete flooring is painted in a light sand color, making guests feel like they are at the beach.

Better Than Sex Dessert Restaurant - West Hollywood, CA

Better Than Sex, is a specialty dessert restaurant that caters to adults and couples. The restaurant chain, which originated in Florida has restaurants nationwide and recently opened a new franchise in West Hollywood, California. Key West‘s pastry power couple, Dani and Len Johnson of Better Than Sex dessert restaurant, have been honoring and elevating that survivalist sweet tooth for nearly 13 years. What began as a pocket-sized drinks-and-dessert experience on Key West’s Petronia Street has expanded to a larger, but equally intimate, local space, plus locations in Savannah, Orlando and Dallas. The eatery specializes in rich, exotic desserts with sensual names and is often ornately decorated. Married co-owners and Key West‘s pastry power couple Dani Johnson and Len Johnson are known statewide for their tarted-up desserts. They're holding down the fort at their first location, opened in 2008 in Key West. Better than Sex also serves wine and cocktails.