Schlafly Brewpub - Highland, IL

The Schlafly Bottleworks Brewpub has a long and fascinating history and has been connecting communities, from Midtown to Maplewood and beyond, since 1991. The Schlaflys, arriving in New Orleans in the mid-1880s, traveled up the Mississippi River and settled in the town of Highland, Illinois after immigrating to the United States from Switzerland.

Zikrayet Lebanese Restaurant - Alexandria, VA

Nestled in the heart of historic Alexandria, Virginia, Zikrayet is an authentic Lebanese cuisine restaurant that aims to bring a little slice of the Middle East to the shores of America. With a vibrant atmosphere, live music, and high-quality menus for both cocktails and food, Zikrayet offers a truly unique dining experience and something excitingly outside the norm for a social scene.

Kahvi Coffee - Phoenix, AZ

Founded in 2021 by enterprising duo Jordan Taylor and Julian Wright, the Kahvi Coffee Company and Cafe was born from the union of two distinctly different and complementary views on coffee. Julian’s Scandinavian background instilled in him an appreciation for what it means to enjoy a cup of coffee alone, whereas Jordan’s fascination and love of the Mexican municipality of Tulum sparked a reverence for the social joys of a cup enjoyed with friends. It is both within and between these two approaches to coffee that Kahvi Coffee Company was founded and continues to embody today.