Resin Table Tops for Restaurants

Our selection of resin table tops for restaurants is an affordable alternative without the tedious maintenance. Resin is a versatile material used to create a strong table top that can withstand the rigorous demands at restaurants and bars. Resistant to water stains, (sometimes UV rays) and scratches, most resin table tops will remain in pristine condition despite heavy use and environmental stresses. The smooth, easy-to-clean surface makes our resin tops high in demand among restaurant, bar, hotel and other commercial business owners.

Can All Resin Table Tops Be Used Outdoors?

The short answer is no. While most table tops made of resin can be used outdoors, some are not made to withstand the elements as well as others. Usually those will be made in specific colors and designs and of resin which although as durable as the rest will not be UV resistant and might fade over time. This is why if you are looking for patio items you need to make sure that you are ordering outdoor restaurant resin table tops. [+] read more...

Simple in appearance, the strength and durability of restaurant resin table tops is not to be underestimated. They significantly contribute to the atmosphere in a restaurant or bar. Popularity, easy upkeep, style, and stability make resin table tops strong contender. to meet your needs. Many of them are made in a variety of designs that often simulate a wood grain appearance. They feature a wood or stone core and are available in multiple finishes. Mahogany and walnut resin table tops subtly compliment certain decor themes whereas dual tones add flair to any scheme.

Customizing our Restaurant Resin Table Tops

Choosing a finish is just one part of it. Style, size and shape make a difference in the table’s style. Shapes are available in round, square and rectangle. Achieve a uniform appearance with the same shape for all your tables or opt for various shapes that best fit with your layout and style. Express your creativity and tastes with our customization options. We offer a variety of commercial grade resin table tops that will meet your design needs. Don’t forget to check out our USA made collection for optimal and lasting quality.

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Resin Table Tops

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