Wood Restaurant Booths

If you are looking to give your décor a warm look, these wood restaurant benches will gladly do the job. We offer a wide selection of these quality American made booths constructed from solid wood. These booths are customizable in shape, size and stain. All of these wood restaurant booths are handmade by our skilled craftsmen and therefore are built for long lasting durability.

For those who appreciate a simple yet elegant design in a wood booth, our wood restaurant benches feature a classic look that will surely be widely received. Designed to look as good as inviting, these solid wood restaurant benches can be a perfect booth seating addition, especially to a finite space. Available in a range of styles, you are sure to find a wood booth that matches with your decor. [+] read more...

In addition to their comfortable seating, you can add several touches to these wood restaurant benches with our customization options. Find the ideal shape, size and upholstery to design these booths according to your preference. A customer service representative is available for further assistance at (888) 495-8884. [-] hide
Wood Booths

Minimal Price: $ 270.00 270

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