Commercial Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas are an essential component of your outdoor seating. Outdoor umbrellas provide shade from the sun to help your guests relax in cooler temperatures while they enjoy your patio. You will find we have a large selection of commercial umbrellas to choose from with multiple frame choices, finishes and canopy options which all come with and anti-fade warranty for each fabric option ranging from 1-5 years, depending on your selection. [+] read more...

The umbrellas all feature fashionable frames and canopies with the embellished styling of an artisan piece. The fabric used in the canopy is made from different fabrics, all of which have a high UV rating, which means the fabric can spend longer hours in the sun without degrading. All of our commercial umbrellas also come with a high UPF rating, which describes the UV blocking properties of a fabric, similar to a SPF, which provides your guests with more protection from the sun’s harmful rays and keep your umbrellas from fading over time.

Commercial Umbrellas Materials and Construction

  • Our heavy duty patio umbrellas come in hardwood, aluminum or fiberglass frames.
  • Each heavy duty patio umbrella features a 1.5” thick pole that is designed to perfectly fit all of our patio tables and our selection of umbrella bases.
  • 2 different mechanisms make it easy to open and close them. One is the pulley lift and the other option is a manual push lift.

Our large outdoor umbrellas and bases are made to be strong, durable and fully weather resistant and will last for many years. They are not only functional in providing relief from the elements, but will also enhance your patio decor with their grace and beauty. With a wide selection of patio umbrellas, ranging in price from inexpensive to our deluxe models you are sure to find one that is perfect for your venue. For more information we have compiled a commercial patio umbrellas technical guide.

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Commercial Umbrellas

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