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What You Should Know about Restaurant Accounting

A restaurant is a uniquely operated entity due the nature of its relationship with its patrons and suppliers. Food inventory management is an integral part of restaurant accounting as is monitoring the staff to update menu items and efficient regulation of building space. Doing as such is crucial for keeping track of food costs, utility expenses and reducing waste. Restaurant accounting connects menu planning to how many customers you host thus making it essential to the daily operation in the food service industry.

What You Should Consider Before Tying the Knot with the Right Wedding Venue

Becoming a bride is every girl's dream. A lot of them have already begun to plan their dream weddings, even without the prospective groom in the picture. They look forward to this momentous day fantasizing about wearing a white gown, deciding to have a wedding cake, and selecting ideal location. Planning a wedding can be very exciting but also harrowing at the same time. With wedding season is in full bloom, especially around May-June, beginning a new chapter in your life at the perfect wedding venue is every bride’s priority.

Keeping Your Business Safe with Restaurant Security Solutions

Most businesses are presented with specialized security challenges. The food service industry is not less vulnerable to criminal activities from cyber-attacks, burglary, to theft. Restaurants in particular normally accumulate a large amount of cash on-site. Unfortunately, they can be attractive targets for armed robberies, employee theft and even burglaries. Crime prevention for restaurants along with restaurant security procedures should be formulated and implemented.

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Maximizing Comfort and Efficiency with a Restaurant Layout Design Plan

Your dream of opening up your restaurant is about to become a reality. You found the perfect location in the busiest area with a lot of foot traffic. You already have a niche and amassed your perspective staff. So what’s missing? Regardless of the size, location, or type of venue you will be operating, a basic restaurant layout plan is the foundation of your business. It should include general areas from the entrance, to the kitchen and bathroom. Unfortunately, a lot of these areas get overlooked in a general restaurant layout design as new restaurant owners concentrate more on the dining room. Paying attention to even the smallest detail in a layout and design plan at your new location can maximize comfort and efficiency thus producing a positive dining experience for your customers.

Cocktail Bar Design Ideas: Top Tips for Cocktail Bar Owners

Developing a concept for cocktail bar design is a comprehensive job unto itself. You are not only the interior of your bar. You are also designing your business. Every single detail must be incorporated in this project. A striking cocktail bar interior design can catch the interest of patrons upon first glance. But in order to achieve this, you need to create a foundation to support the design, and the cocktail bar itself. A well designed cocktail bar interior is one of the many elements that can influence your guests' drinking experience. The concept sets the tone and often marks the fate of your business.

Exterior Design of Restaurants Guide

Design is sometimes referred to as a visual language because we can convey quite a lot of messages by the design alone without using any words. That’s why setting the right tone to your restaurant’s entrance is an important factor in its success.

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