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How Food Delivery Service is Reshaping the Restaurant Industry

You may have heard of Postmates, Caviar, and UberEats. The likelihood of you using mobile/online food delivery to order your meal is probably high as many restaurants are increasingly using technological advancements to improve quality of service and generate more sales. Over the past few years, we have witnessed a growing number of start-up restaurants making tidal waves in the market by providing an online platform for ordering meals and handling the logistics of food delivery. Hence, the swathe of delivery services is revolutionizing the food service industry.

Catering for Success: Reaping the Benefits of Being a Self-Starter

Starting a catering business seems like an exciting venture to many. This 7 billion dollar industry can help you translate your passion for food and entertaining people into a catering startup allowing you to reap some rewards. From choosing a niche, finding the restaurant furniture you need, writing a catering business plan to obtaining insurance and license, these are just a few steps you need to take to turning dream of running a self-catering business into a reality and perhaps eventually transforming your start-up company into a prosperous corporation.

Techniques of Upselling and Cross Selling Restaurant Furniture

At times, there seems to be sales and pricing strategies for every industry- each specifically tailored and modified to meet their business needs. While certain establishments prefer to down-sell, other companies lean on cross selling and upselling techniques to entice customers with desirable products to advance their endeavors in their commerce. But for many CEO’s and business owners, the distinction between upselling and cross selling may be confusing – especially when these methods share many similarities. Not knowing what is cross selling from upselling may hinder their efforts in promoting and selling your merchandise.

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Restaurant ADA Compliance Guide

The American with Disabilities Act, or the ADA, was signed in the 1990’s to protect people with disabilities from discrimination. Especially in the food industry, this act was created to ensure that individuals with disabilities are able to dine comfortably or are provided with the same work conditions and rights of that an able-bodied restaurant employee. These regulations are enforced by the Department of Justice upon restaurant buildings and facilities.

4 Reasons to Have a Bar in Your Restaurant

Having a bar in your restaurant irrefutably raises the profile of your venue. While a unique logo, convenient location, good food and better service may gain attention and strengthen the reputation of your restaurant, adding a bar will entice customers to return (providing that the drinks you offer live up to their expectations). Signature drinks give your restaurant a special draw among your patrons and satisfied drinkers (and diners) will likely spread the good word about you to their family and friends. And if they are already ordering some cocktails at your bar, they may linger around for dinner too.

Server Tips & Tricks That Ensure Customer Retention & Satisfaction

Keeping your existing customers happy is crucial. They are the backbone of your business and provide a regular stream of revenue. Restaurateurs invest a lot of time and money on marketing their restaurant in efforts to attract new clientele. Obviously, gaining new customers is important for sales growth but keeping existing customers is less expensive and more profitable. By making retention a focus for your business, not only will doing so encourage them to come back but they may actually help you draw in new customers by spreading the good word about your restaurant. Cultivating valuable relationships with loyal customers enables you to capture repeat visits and there are simple server tips and tricks to improve and secure restaurant customer retention.

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