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Banquet Chairs and Event Seating Guide

When it comes to maximizing your space in your hospitality facility without compromising comfort for your guests, stacking chairs seem to be the perfect option. Commonly seen at hotel lobbies, conference rooms and banquet/event halls, stacking chairs offer excellent flexibility and easy storage. Standard height stacking chairs whether they are banquet chairs or event chairs, are an ideal place to look for indoor or outdoor setting. Whether you need a seating solution for your hotel poolside, catering hall, outdoor event or church, stacking chairs come in a variety of styles and options.

Restaurant Design and Concept Development

Food is personal to everyone and the menu items you serve speak in high volumes about your restaurant concept, brand, and services. A restaurant concept can define an overall theme and idea of a restaurant, but you will increase your odds of attracting more investors and customers if you concentrate and articulate your concept to a broader clientele base. As it is, the methodologies and approaches to restaurant design are wide-ranging are current restaurant concepts. There are over a million restaurants alone trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Please note that your restaurant design theme can blur the lines between various concepts to make your venue unique.

How Commercial Venues are Using Recycled Materials in Restaurant Furniture

Every commercial venue understands that providing great service ensures the survival of a business. In addition to happy customers, entrepreneurs, especially restaurant owners have become environmentally conscious as there is an increase in demand for sustainable alternatives. Recycling has become a hot button issue which many dining establishments are adapting this practice. Making your business eco-friendly is not proven to be beneficial to the environment but can also save you money. Using recycled materials in both restaurant furniture and design are trending.

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Fundamentals of Patio Furniture

Nice weather encourages outdoor dining. Whether you are sipping on drinks at an outdoor bar overlooking the sunset on a summer evening or meeting up with friends for brunch at a European style sidewalk café, outdoor dining is a timeless trend that only intends to grow. The right patio furniture can make a big difference in one’s outdoor dining experience. Fortunately, there is a growing market for outdoor restaurant furniture available and the styles and color materials are more variable to coordinate with many patio décor themes but most importantly, durable and long lasting through environmental stresses.

Designing A Restaurant Floor Plan

Thinking about opening a restaurant or café? A meticulous restaurant floor plan of your venue’s premise can segue into a successful business venture. A floor plan entails more than rearranging tables. It must be developed carefully to streamline restaurant operations. There are several crucial elements involving a floor plan that need to be taken into consideration when designing your venue's layout.

Diner Layout and Design Concepts

You may have a small storefront which you want to convert into a diner. Or you may be contemplating renovations for current venue. Designing the space presents many challenges. By utilizing the positive aspects, including the right furnishing for your diner floor plan and design, you can create a cozy diner that comfortably accommodates guests. Creating a seating should be a starting point for your diner layout floor plan. A functional and creative floor plan

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