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Raising the Bar in Customer Experience: The Value in a Design

What are the elements that create the best bar / tavern? There probably is no one right answer to this question as a variety of different examples may pass through your mind. While there is an archetypal successful bar template we can fall back on, it won’t necessarily be the one that is best suited for your venue and location. The right bar design can add value to your business and greatly impact customer satisfaction. Knowing how to best use your available space to appeal to your potential customers is what will help you optimize your business.

Fast Casual Restaurant vs Quick Service Restaurant

While some restaurateurs and chefs stay in tune to the latest trends and concepts in the restaurant business, others create and develop them. The two stalwarts of the American food service industry were always the fast food and fine dining. But now, the rapidly growing fast casual restaurant sector has squeezed itself in. Companies, including many restaurant brands like Chipotle, Panera and Shake Shack are increasingly combining healthy ingredients with fast food services to launch this trend. Though still dwarfed by fast-food competition in sheer numbers, fast-casual chains are growing much faster.

A Look into Different Types of Venus and Commercial Furniture

While not all restaurant and hotel businesses survive, the food/hospitality industry will continue to flourish because people are sociable by nature. We like to go out, meet new people, get away for the weekend, spend time with friends, and enjoy a fun relaxing evening with those who are close to us. Restaurant furniture is one of the most important factors that influence dining experience. Not all venues are the same and nor is the commercial grade furniture.

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Senior Living Furniture Design Tips

As life span gets longer an ever increasing number of people is choosing to move into senior living facilities. This does not mean however, that they are giving up their independence. On the contrary, most senior living facilities nowadays are geared towards providing a busy, enriching and fulfilling life to those wishing to enjoy their golden years in comfort.

How to Maximize Small Restaurants

You are days away from announcing the grand opening to your new restaurant. You found the perfect location, in a busy downtown area with a lot of foot traffic. The biggest problem you may have is the space you are leasing for your restaurant is really small. The restaurant layout design of your dining room only has enough space for 15 tables, totaling 60 seats. You can still maximize the limited dining space you have and here is how.

How To Operate A Successful Fine Dining Restaurant

While each restaurant is unique, they all share a few characteristics. With a viable restaurant concept, precise attention to detail, quality food, and exceptional service, every restaurant aims to deliver a top-notch dining experience. A fine dining restaurant is held to the same standards with the same expectations. Although fine dining has evolved into an eclectic blend of motifs and cuisines, most aspects of a fine dining restaurant experience still remains the same.

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