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Raising the Bar in Customer Experience: The Value in a Design

What are the elements that create the best bar / tavern? There probably is no one right answer to this question as a variety of different examples may pass through your mind. While there is an archetypal successful bar template we can fall back on, it won’t necessarily be the one that is best suited for your venue and location. The right bar design can add value to your business and greatly impact customer satisfaction. Knowing how to best use your available space to appeal to your potential customers is what will help you optimize your business.

Fast Casual Restaurant vs Quick Service Restaurant

While some restaurateurs and chefs stay in tune to the latest trends and concepts in the restaurant business, others create and develop them. The two stalwarts of the American food service industry were always the fast food and fine dining. But now, the rapidly growing fast casual restaurant sector has squeezed itself in. Companies, including many restaurant brands like Chipotle, Panera and Shake Shack are increasingly combining healthy ingredients with fast food services to launch this trend. Though still dwarfed by fast-food competition in sheer numbers, fast-casual chains are growing much faster.

A Look into Different Types of Venus and Commercial Furniture

While not all restaurant and hotel businesses survive, the food/hospitality industry will continue to flourish because people are sociable by nature. We like to go out, meet new people, get away for the weekend, spend time with friends, and enjoy a fun relaxing evening with those who are close to us. Restaurant furniture is one of the most important factors that influence dining experience. Not all venues are the same and nor is the commercial grade furniture.

Recent Restaurant Installations

Smashin Crab - Hendersonville, TX

Smashin Crab is a chain of seafood restaurants with locations in the southern states of Texas and Tennessee. They specialize in Cajun and creole cuisine with traditional southern dishes like gumbo, po’ boys and Cajun pastalaya. The restaurant has large interior dining areas with a bar for guests who want to come in for a drink. There are also front and back patios where guests can dine al fresco. Smashin Crab also offers nightly entertainment with live music from Second Line Brass Bands and Zydeco tunes

Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa - Galena, IL

Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa is one of the Midwest's top rated resorts that blends country manor-style luxury and sophistication with infinite opportunities for relaxation and recreation. Located in the beautiful Galena territory of northern Illinois which covers thousands of acres, the property has beautiful nature to explore, including a lake and four championship golf courses set in the rolling hills of the scenic Galena Territory offering stunning views and a state of the art golf simulator.

Ziggis Coffee - Greely, CO

Ziggis coffee is located in Greely, Colorado. It is part of a national chain of coffee shops that serves a wide range of drinks including a wide range of coffee, red bull infusions, smoothies and teas. They also serve breakfast burritos, pastries such as scones, breakfast sandwiches and cookies. It is very similar to Starbucks in terms of the type of restaurant and menu items offered. It is also a franchise with locations throughout Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.

Recent Guides

Restaurant Floor Plan Considerations for COVID-19

Covid-19 has not left any part of life untouched and it’s hard for many to see a silver lining. The restaurant industry in particular is about to face a new reality. Recovery will be a challenge for both small and large restaurants. That challenge is rebounding and it won’t happen overnight. With Covid-19 guidelines set in place, you will have to adjust your restaurant layout and design to meet them.

Industrial Restaurant Design Guide

While certain restaurant business aspects are evergreen, the industry trends are always changing and are on the horizon. The most successful restaurants are seeking out ways to stay ahead of competition so it should come as no surprise that there has been an uptick in request from restaurant businesses for designers and restaurant architects to incorporate the industrial style into their decor. Keeping up with emerging restaurant trends gives restaurateurs the opportunity to offer their regular customers a new experience and attract visitors looking for a change of scenery.

Patio Umbrella Technical Guide

Buying a patio umbrella for your outdoor seating is a wise investment. They will become a vital part of your outdoor decor and are essential accessories to complete your patio look. When buying a commercial umbrella you need to take into account a number of factors which will affect your decision. This includes the size of your patio space, how your seating is arranged, how often you plan on using the umbrellas (do you need them year-round or just for seasonal use), your budget and price considerations.

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