Techniques of upselling and cross selling restaurant furniture

Techniques of Upselling and Cross Selling Restaurant Furniture

At times, there seems to be sales and pricing strategies for every industry- each specifically tailored and modified to meet their business needs. While certain establishments prefer to down-sell, other companies lean on cross selling and upselling techniques to entice customers with desirable products to advance their endeavors in their commerce. But for many CEO’s and business owners, the distinction between upselling and cross selling may be confusing – especially when these methods share many similarities. Not knowing what is cross selling from upselling may hinder their efforts in promoting and selling your merchandise.

Restaurant Pricing Strategies that Actually Work

Restaurant Pricing Strategies that Actually Work

In the restaurant industry, the art of pricing food begins with understanding the science of food costs. In other words, 32% of the revenue in which restaurants earn is spent on food, beverages, condiments, and supplies. Restaurants also sell their service, food, camaraderie, and their brand making restaurant menu pricing and art and a science. The process of costing and pricing, however, differ based on the various services which restaurants provide. This is due to one-time events which create their exclusive costs and restaurants need to earn more money to compensate for the time and effort they invested in providing alternative services.

Restaurant Accounting Solutions

What You Should Know about Restaurant Accounting

A restaurant is a uniquely operated entity due the nature of its relationship with its patrons and suppliers. Food inventory management is an integral part of restaurant accounting as is monitoring the staff to update menu items and efficient regulation of building space. Doing as such is crucial for keeping track of food costs, utility expenses and reducing waste. Restaurant accounting connects menu planning to how many customers you host thus making it essential to the daily operation in the food service industry.

Choosing the Right Wedding Venue

What You Should Consider Before Tying the Knot with the Right Wedding Venue

Becoming a bride is every girl's dream. A lot of them have already begun to plan their dream weddings, even without the prospective groom in the picture. They look forward to this momentous day fantasizing about wearing a white gown, deciding to have a wedding cake, and selecting ideal location. Planning a wedding can be very exciting but also harrowing at the same time. With wedding season is in full bloom, especially around May-June, beginning a new chapter in your life at the perfect wedding venue is every bride’s priority.

Restaurant Security Systems

Keeping Your Business Safe with Restaurant Security Solutions

Most businesses are presented with specialized security challenges. The food service industry is not less vulnerable to criminal activities from cyber-attacks, burglary, to theft. Restaurants in particular normally accumulate a large amount of cash on-site. Unfortunately, they can be attractive targets for armed robberies, employee theft and even burglaries. Crime prevention for restaurants along with restaurant security procedures should be formulated and implemented.

Restaurant Management Software & Apps - How Automation Can Help Your Restaurant Business

Restaurant Management Software & Apps - How Automation Can Help Your Restaurant Business

Like most businesses, restaurants have very specific needs to keep their operations functioning. To do that, they need to create an organizational structure that is in line with those needs. The ultimate structure is determined by the size and layout of the restaurant. While staff members may assume more than one role in smaller establishments, restaurants in general have the same basic framework. The purpose of having a structure in place is to implement a restaurant management system with a clear chain of command that assumes accountability and responsibility for the business.

Modern Bistro Design Ideas - Fresh Touch to Old Good Bistro

Modern Bistro Design Ideas for Your Restaurant

The market place invites heavy competition in the food industry. Looking for even the slightest differentiators to make your bistro stand out is especially important. Although a well-designed menu, good food and efficient service are important components for enticing customers, a bistro’s interior design influences his/her dining experience. The physical environment of the bistro itself mirrors the image and therefore can positively or negatively affect the customer’s perception of the bistro’s image.