Senior Living Furniture Design Tips

Senior Living Furniture Design Tips

As life span gets longer an ever increasing number of people is choosing to move into senior living facilities. This does not mean however, that they are giving up their independence. On the contrary, most senior living facilities nowadays are geared towards providing a busy, enriching and fulfilling life to those wishing to enjoy their golden years in comfort.

Maximizing Small Restaurants

How to Maximize Small Restaurants

You are days away from announcing the grand opening to your new restaurant. You found the perfect location, in a busy downtown area with a lot of foot traffic. The biggest problem you may have is the space you are leasing for your restaurant is really small. The restaurant layout design of your dining room only has enough space for 15 tables, totaling 60 seats. You can still maximize the limited dining space you have and here is how.

Creating A Successful Fine Dining Restaurant

How To Operate A Successful Fine Dining Restaurant

While each restaurant is unique, they all share a few characteristics. With a viable restaurant concept, precise attention to detail, quality food, and exceptional service, every restaurant aims to deliver a top-notch dining experience. A fine dining restaurant is held to the same standards with the same expectations. Although fine dining has evolved into an eclectic blend of motifs and cuisines, most aspects of a fine dining restaurant experience still remains the same.

Restaurant Chairs Guide

Restaurant Chairs Guide

Although presented in an array of styles and materials, most restaurant chairs are standard: 4 legs with a straight-back design used to provide short term seating for diners. The term doesn’t solely doesn’t allude to one particular type of restaurant chair. Instead, it is a general reference to several different types of chairs used for the same commercial purpose: their only function is to provide temporary yet comfortable seating for customers.

Restaurant Booths Buying Guide

Restaurant Booths Buying Guide

Would you prefer a chair or a booth?
How many times did you get to ask this question? And how many times was the answer “booth please”? Unless the party is a big one, chances are that “booth” is the most preferred option. And this is probably, one of the main reasons you are now looking to buy booths for your restaurant.

Restaurant Tables Guide

Restaurant Tables Guide

At the heart of it, there are over a thousand different types of restaurant tables suited for variable restaurant interior designs, color schemes and motifs. Purchasing a restaurant table is a crucial and personal experience for many reasons. A restaurant table is the centerpiece of the dining room where guests are entertained and share important meals with family and friends. The restaurant dining table is both seen and utilized more than just a furniture piece. We aim to help guide you toward the perfect table for your restaurant layout and décor by breaking down table top shapes, colors, materials, sizes and features along with compatible table bases to pair them with.

Restaurant Bar Stools Buying Guide

Comprehensive Guide to Bar Stools and Counter Stools

From your counter space, dining room or even the entry way, bar stools are efficient seating options that can be used anywhere. Bar stools bring versatility, functionality, and style to any venue and gathering. With over a hundred of silhouettes and endless combinations of finishes and upholstery, choosing a bar stool or counter stool has never been easier. However, purchasing a stool for your venue involves more than selecting your favorite style.

Restaurant Patio Furniture Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Restaurant Patio Furniture

Nice weather encourages outdoor dining. Whether you are sipping on drinks at an outdoor bar overlooking the sunset on a summer evening or meeting up with friends for brunch at a European style sidewalk café, outdoor dining is a timeless trend that only intends to grow. The right patio furniture can make a big difference in one’s outdoor dining experience. Fortunately, there is a growing market for outdoor restaurant furniture available and the styles and color materials are more variable to coordinate with many patio décor themes but most importantly, durable and long lasting through environmental stresses.

Restaurant Design Guide

Restaurant Design Guide

Thinking about opening a restaurant or café? A meticulous restaurant floor plan of your venue’s premise can segue into a successful business venture. A floor plan entails more than rearranging tables. It must be developed carefully to streamline restaurant operations. There are several crucial elements involving a floor plan that need to be taken into consideration when designing your venue's layout.

Diner Layout and Design Concepts

Diner Layout and Design Concepts

You may have a small storefront which you want to convert into a diner. Or you may be contemplating renovations for current venue. Designing the space presents many challenges. By utilizing the positive aspects, including the right furnishing for your diner floor plan and design, you can create a cozy diner that comfortably accommodates guests. Creating a seating should be a starting point for your diner layout floor plan. A functional and creative floor plan

Booth Tables Guide

Booth Tables Guide

A dining room is the revenue producing area of the restaurant business. So why shouldn’t the design and layout factor in comfort and efficiency? Hence, the most cost-effective and space-efficient way to design and add comfort to your dining room is booth seating. Booth seating is becoming a necessity at restaurants. In fact, it’s hard to find a restaurant without a booth. Apart from offering a space saving solution, restaurant booths provide comfortable seating, pleasing aesthetic and privacy. Limited traffic around the booth is also one of the many greatest appeals of dining booths.

But with every booth comes a great booth table. This guide will help you find the right table based on the size and shape of your booths.

Wood Table Tops Guide

Wood Table Tops Guide

Wood is by far the most common material used in the world. Almost any type of wood can be used to build and design restaurant furniture. Each wood type possesses its unique characteristics adding different degrees of color, style, dimensions and warmth thus putting emphasis and beauty to most décor themes. This guide will further elaborate on the various type of wood and its characteristics as well as materials used to build restaurant tables.

Commercial Furniture and Residential Furniture Comparison

Residential vs Commercial Furniture

Running and owning your business can be rewarding but also requires hard work and commitment. Getting down to every last detail is paramount to the success and survival of your business. Finding quality commercial furniture is just one of the many puzzle pieces businesses need to put together. It might be more convenient and affordable for you to pick up a few chairs and tables from your local retail store but doing so might cost you in the long run.

Restaurant ADA Compliance Guide | Restaurant-Furniture

Restaurant ADA Compliance Guide

The American with Disabilities Act, or the ADA, was signed in the 1990’s to protect people with disabilities from discrimination. Especially in the food industry, this act was created to ensure that individuals with disabilities are able to dine comfortably or are provided with the same work conditions and rights of that an able-bodied restaurant employee. These regulations are enforced by the Department of Justice upon restaurant buildings and facilities.

5 Reasons to Have a Bar in Your Restaurant

4 Reasons to Have a Bar in Your Restaurant

Having a bar in your restaurant irrefutably raises the profile of your venue. While a unique logo, convenient location, good food and better service may gain attention and strengthen the reputation of your restaurant, adding a bar will entice customers to return (providing that the drinks you offer live up to their expectations). Signature drinks give your restaurant a special draw among your patrons and satisfied drinkers (and diners) will likely spread the good word about you to their family and friends. And if they are already ordering some cocktails at your bar, they may linger around for dinner too.

How To Retain Customers Using These Server Tips & Tricks

Server Tips & Tricks That Ensure Customer Retention & Satisfaction

Keeping your existing customers happy is crucial. They are the backbone of your business and provide a regular stream of revenue. Restaurateurs invest a lot of time and money on marketing their restaurant in efforts to attract new clientele. Obviously, gaining new customers is important for sales growth but keeping existing customers is less expensive and more profitable. By making retention a focus for your business, not only will doing so encourage them to come back but they may actually help you draw in new customers by spreading the good word about your restaurant. Cultivating valuable relationships with loyal customers enables you to capture repeat visits and there are simple server tips and tricks to improve and secure restaurant customer retention.

 The Top Interior Design Ideas For An Ice Cream Shop

Delicious Design Ideas for Your Ice Cream Parlor

As an old fashioned yet one of the world’s most favorite treat, ice cream is not only a welcome delicacy served on special occasions but is an insatiable craving for anyone a sweet tooth. This frozen confection is popularly sought out, especially during the hottest days of summer. You may be applauded and supported for your efforts upon announcing your plans to open up your ice cream but may be lost for design ideas and a solid layout plan. It is crucial to create a structured business plan and follow through with it. The goal is to tempt by passers inside your shop which can be achieved with the right ice cream shop interior design ideas.

Restaurant Layout Basics: Maximizing Comfort & Efficiency

Maximizing Comfort and Efficiency with a Restaurant Layout Design Plan

Your dream of opening up your restaurant is about to become a reality. You found the perfect location in the busiest area with a lot of foot traffic. You already have a niche and amassed your perspective staff. So what’s missing? Regardless of the size, location, or type of venue you will be operating, a basic restaurant layout plan is the foundation of your business. It should include general areas from the entrance, to the kitchen and bathroom. Unfortunately, a lot of these areas get overlooked in a general restaurant layout design as new restaurant owners concentrate more on the dining room. Paying attention to even the smallest detail in a layout and design plan at your new location can maximize comfort and efficiency thus producing a positive dining experience for your customers.

Cocktail Bar Design Ideas

Cocktail Bar Design Ideas: Top Tips for Cocktail Bar Owners

Developing a concept for cocktail bar design is a comprehensive job unto itself. You are not only designing the interior of your bar. You are also designing your business. Every single detail must be incorporated in this project. A striking cocktail bar interior design can catch the interest of patrons upon first glance. But in order to achieve this, you need to create a foundation to support the design, and the cocktail bar itself. A well designed cocktail bar interior is one of the many elements that can influence your guests' drinking experience. The concept sets the tone and often marks the fate of your business.

Exterior Design of Restaurants

Exterior Design of Restaurants

Design is sometimes referred to as a visual language because we can convey quite a lot of messages by the design alone without using any words. That’s why setting the right tone to your restaurant’s entrance is an important factor in its success.

Coffee Shop Design Ideas

Design and Renovation Ideas for Your Coffee Shop

Coffee shops around the world share a few specific things in common; they all create a cozy inviting environment for customers making it a hub for social activity. With those traits aside, there are no limitations when it comes to coffee shop design ideas. All it takes is a clever coffee shop interior design to make you stand out from competition. With coffee shops opening up everywhere, the growth in that industry has reached 7% over a year in the USA alone! Making your location unique enough to attract customers is imperative. So which small coffee shop design can you use to create an environment that challenges larger corporations and appeals to customers?

Restaurant Tables Spacing

Restaurant Tables Spacing

In the hospitality industry there always seems to be a battle between restaurateurs need to maximize profit vs. customer's personal space requirements and what they see as a comfortable space to dine in.