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Affordable Seating is the leading manufacturer of all your restaurant furniture needs. We are proud to be experts at what we do. We know designing a restaurant is never easy. That is the reason why we give you all the basic tools you need to help design and layout your establishment. Our tools will help you understand table sizes, capacities, booth layouts & designs and other information related to commercial furniture.

We also offer layout services where we actually provide you with a basic floor plan containing table sizes and placements in your establishment. Click here for more information.

If the information presented is not adequate, and additional information is required, please call our experts at: (888) 495-8884

Design and Layout

  • Restaurant Furniture Placement - Need help with putting a layout together? Let Affordable Seating do the work for you. We will work with you on the layout of your restaurant and position tables, booths and chairs around the room.
  • Restaurant Seating Tips - Check out our seating tips for more information on how to sit your patrons.
  • Restaurant Floor Plan Design - An in-depth guide to a meticulous restaurant floor plan.

Table Tops & Bases

Restaurant Chairs

  • Wood Chairs Guide - See why our restaurant chairs are different from the competition.
  • Solid Wood Seats Comparison - Many companies use the term "wood seat", but what is it exactly?
  • BIFMA Certified Chairs - Our chairs are manufactured for commercial use. The only commercial chair nationwide which has the prestigious BIFMA approval!
  • Why Buy From Us? - Because we manufacture all of our items, you afforded the luxury of enjoying commercial grade furniture at reasonable prices!

Restaurant Furniture Buying Guides

  • Table Tops Buying Guide - Regardless of the seating you have in your restaurant, bar or any other venue, you will need the right tables to really make it work. This guide will help you do just that.
  • Restaurant Booths Buying Guide - A guide helping do before actually buying your dining booths is to decide what kind of booths you need and want.
  • Bar Stools Buying Guide - This guide will provide you with all the information you need to make a good, informative decision on which bar stool you should get for your bar or restaurant.
  • Restaurant Tables Spacing Guide - Find what customers deem as adequate space and why it's important to take that into consideration.
  • Restaurant Booths Space Calculator - Calculate just how many booths you can fit on a wall, it will also show you a schematic illustration of the result.
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