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Affordable Seating is the leading manufacturer of all your restaurant furniture needs. We are proud to be experts at what we do. We know designing a restaurant is never easy. That is the reason why we give you all the basic tools you need to help design and layout your establishment. Our tools will help you understand table sizes, capacities, booth layouts & designs and other information related to commercial furniture.

We also offer layout services where we actually provide you with a basic floor plan containing table sizes and placements in your establishment. Click here for more information.

If the information presented is not adequate, and additional information is required, please call our experts at: (888) 495-8884

Design and Layout

Restaurant Table Tops & Bases

  • Seating Capacity - This diagram will help you determine how many customers you can sit at a given table size.
  • Wood Table Tops Guide - Choose the ideal wood table tops for your venue based on this detailed guide.
  • Table Tops & Bases Guide - Match the correct size table base with any table top.
  • Booth Tables Guide - An in-depth guide about booth tables, bases and booths.
  • A Guide to Restaurant Tables - We aim to help guide you toward the perfect table for your restaurant layout and décor by breaking down table top shapes, colors, materials, sizes and features along with compatible table bases to pair them with.

Restaurant Chairs and Bar Stools

Restaurant Booths

Restaurant Installation Across The USA

For your convenience we have gathered numerous restaurant installations in major cities across the country. The installations include our commercial furniture and how it is being used in a variety of settings from sports bars, casual dining, ethnic cuisine, upscale restaurants and more:

Live Locations