Cast Iron Table Bases

Table bases are usually the last thing people think of when furnishing their restaurants and yet they are extremely important for both the design of the venue and the stability of the table itself. [+] read more...

Stand up and stand out

With our varied bases you can make your tables stand out and enhance the décor of your venue or make them blend into the background letting the rest of your restaurant furniture take the front. It’s all up to your design needs.

With table bases ranging from:

  • X Prong
  • Round
  • Designer Series
  • Square
  • Bolt Down
  • Industrial Style

There are mainly two design concepts when it comes to cast iron table bases. The first is making the base low key while giving the table top the main focus. This is usually done with the economical cast iron bases, X-Prong or Round table bases. The second design concept assumes the table is one piece of furniture while trying to match the restaurant’s décor with the look of the base (modern, traditional, etc.). For that purpose we picked out some more premium bases which are included in our Designer Series.

Our commercial grade table and bar height bases require very little maintenance while keeping their original look for years. With varied plate sizes to make them fit different tops you are guaranteed to get a sturdy table which is also wobble free thanks to the adjustable floor glides that come with them.

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Cast Iron Table Bases

Minimal Price: $ 27.00 27

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