Bolt Down Chairs

Fixed to the floor and unmovable does not mean cumbersome and annoying. Combined with a 360 degrees swivel mechanism and wood or padded seats our bolt-down chairs are made to last and stay in their place while providing a comfortable seating experience. [+] read more...

Why bolt-down?

Fixed seating is used in a variety of settings from stadiums to lecture halls, classrooms and food courts, many use fixed seating. While it’s not uncommon to see bolt down bar stools at pubs and bar areas bolt down chairs are not as common.

So why bolt-downs? Surprisingly, there are a few reasons:

  • Bowling alleys – protecting the bowling area as well as not disturbing the other players means that chairs must remain in their assigned areas. The best way to do that is to fix them to the floor.
  • Small restaurants – when space is at a premium removing the need to push back chairs when getting in and out of them by using swivel bolt down chairs allows for a few more seats to be placed.
  • Design – sometimes the design requires the use of fixed restaurant furniture. Utilizing a hidden corner or strategically placing items near a window or a long communal table are just a few examples. With an imaginative design the sky is the limit.

If you have any questions regarding these bolt-down chairs use our online chat or call (888) 495-8884 and our dedicated customer service team will be glad to assist.

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Bolt Down Chairs

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