Waiting Benches

When you run a busy commercial establishment that is frequented by a high volume of visitors regularly but are concerned about not having enough seats, waiting benches are the right solution to provide additional seating for a people waiting to be served. Benches for waiting areas are commonly used at restaurant waiting areas, hotel lobbies, offices, and reception areas. Durability, safety, customer satisfaction, and ease of maintenance can be challenging for these venues that don’t have enough seating to accommodate the people they serve.

We have a versatile array of restaurant waiting booths for tat purpose. Perfect for cafes, restaurants and collaborative spaces, our benches come upholstered in vinyl with a wide range of material colors. High density foam padding assures optimal comfort. Some are featured with a base while others are supported by metal or wood legs. [+] read more...

What is the Difference Between a Booth and a Waiting Bench?

A waiting bench is another type of a commercial booth. They both share similar characteristics but are slightly different in built, practicality, and style. A restaurant booth normally comes with a full frame and is used to create an intimate experience with an added element of privacy for customers. Restaurant booth seating is a great option for diners, cafes, fine dining restaurants, lounges VIP areas at nightclubs as well as creating a quiet space at bars.

Waiting benches are commonly used in waiting rooms and reception areas as additional seating. They essentially give guests a comfortable place to rest while waiting for service. They are normally featured in a backless design with an upholstered padded seat (similar to that of a booth) that offers comfort to guests waiting in restaurant entrances, offices or hotel lobbies.

Functionality and Style

Waiting room benches can be used as a decoration pieces for both public and private commercial spaces. Depending on the decor for your waiting area, you may choose a tufted half circle bench for a modern interior or you may opt for a more traditional straight restaurant bench for maximum space efficiency. These options can be customized to coordinate with your venue’s existing color theme. Treat your customers with smart functionality, commercial quality, and modern aesthetics by selecting our benches.

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Waiting Benches

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