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Affordable Seating is one of the most competitively priced manufacturers nationwide. We are always observing the market and adjust prices and products accordingly. We would like to announce that we are launching our "Price Guarantee" program.

Affordable Seating commits to the best price in the market. Found the same items somewhere else for a better price? All items which carry the "Price Guarantee" logo (see above) will be given a discount of up to 5%* on any lower quote. Please submit the quote by fax to (888) 496-5554 or email You can also submit your quote via our automated system at the "Shopping Cart" page. All quotes must be on official letterhead and must include all fees, shipping costs, and tax if applicable.

*The discount amount will be determined by the items and total cost of your order. Only orders of $1,500 and up qualify for the "Price Guarantee" program.

Table Tops Buying Guide

If there is one thing we know for certain itís that regardless of the seating you have in your restaurant, bar or any other venue, you will need the right tables to really make it work.

Many people tend to spend their efforts on choosing the perfect bar stools and chairs and barely spend time on choosing the right table tops for their restaurants. Just like when furnishing a room in a house, people spend all their efforts on choosing the perfect sofa and chairs, but it isnít until you put a rug in, that the room looks complete. Table tops really tie the room together, and make your establishment look complete. Admittedly, chairs are the more visible part of your restaurantís furniture and tables can be hidden under fancy cloths but they still should be well chosen for the venue and clientele they are meant to serve.

There are several types of table tops available to choose from: laminate, solid wood, reversible, wood inlay or overlay and aluminum. Although all are high quality, each will serve you better when matched to the correct environment.

Aluminum table tops are perfect not only for outdoors or patio setting but also in ice-cream parlors and fast food restaurants since they clean up easy and can withstand heavy traffic. They are also colder, both in temperature and atmosphere, which means a larger turnaround of clients, perfect for fast food restaurants and ice-cream parlors too.

Solid wood table tops are mostly recommended for use in high end restaurants and exclusive clubs as they look great and add warmth and ambience to the venue. They do, however, require more care and therefore are not recommended for diners and family oriented restaurants.

If you would still like to have the look and feel of wood tables in your restaurant but your customers usually ask for the kids menu and colored crayons when they sit down, then we recommend getting the laminate table tops. They look almost as good as solid wood but are easier to maintain and clean. Laminate wood is also more scratch-resistant and less expensive compared to solid wood making it perfect for kids.

But itís not only about table tops. Just like in any relationship, all good tops need a solid base to support them. If you want to make sure you have the right base just take a look at our table tops and bases guide. This guide will help you create a perfect match that will last a long time.