Industrial Restaurant Furniture

As more venues are adapting the industrial design into their décor, the demand for distressed restaurant furniture is higher. Fortunately, Affordable Seating has every style for any motif and we construct restaurant furniture that tailors to the needs of our customers. Whether you need chairs, bar stools or tables, you can find what you are looking for to complete the warm rustic look of your restaurant or urban chic tavern.

A combination of contemporary and vintage design, industrial style and distressed restaurant furniture feature the pure utility and rugged strength of welded metal fused with the natural beauty of wood. Hence, our furniture illustrates an industrial design that is trending in the food industry. The amalgamation of metal and wood in furniture is growing in popularity and we produce chairs and bar stools for that purpose. If you want to learn how to apply the industrial style to your restaurant design we recommend going over our industrial restaurant design guide. [+] read more...

Industrial style furniture expresses its versatility with mixing and matching styles to inspire designers/restaurateurs and please the eye of the patrons. Harmonizing casual with informal, masculinity with femininity, sincerity with playful, each of our industrial style furniture sheds a new light on the other. With an array of finishes, sizes, structures, and styles, you can utilize our customization options to design your choice of our industrial restaurant seating to meet your preference. [-] hide
Industrial Restaurant Furniture

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