Banquet Chairs and Event Seating Guide

Banquet Chairs and Event Seating

When it comes to maximizing your space in your hospitality facility without compromising comfort for your guests, stacking chairs seem to be the perfect option. Commonly seen at hotel lobbies, conference rooms and banquet/event halls, stacking chairs offer excellent flexibility and easy storage. Standard height stacking chairs whether they are banquet chairs or event chairs, are an ideal place to look for indoor or outdoor setting. Whether you need a seating solution for your hotel poolside, catering hall, outdoor event or church, stacking chairs come in a variety of styles and options.

Event Chairs and Banquet Chairs

Event chairs come in two different types. Chiavari chairs are one of those types of chairs designed for indoor events. They are strong, stackable and lightweight meant for short-term use at events and banquets. When not in use, they are designed for easy storage. Another type of event chair is built for outdoor settings and is collapsible. This particular chair has short legs and is almost made of canvas. Ultimately, portability and storage capabilities are the defining feature of event chairs.

Just like an event chair, banquet chairs are also lightweight, four-legged, easy to stack, or a folding chair without arm rests. The aspects that form the major elements which slightly differs the banquet chair from an event chair are:

  • Absence of arm rests
  • Cheap and easy to manufacture
  • Lightweight but heavy-duty materials
  • Stacking and folding capabilities

stackable banquet and chivari chairs

Type of Wedding/Stacking Chairs

As indicated by the name, wedding chairs are a type of banquet seating exclusively used at weddings. Chiavari chairs are a go-to choice for wedding seating that traces its roots back to the Renaissance period in Italy. They are simple and straight backed designed for mass production. Most offer cushioned seats though there are banquet seats with nominal amount of padding in the entire chair. Although Chiavari chairs are the most common type of wedding chair, there are other different types of chairs you can also use for weddings depending on the aesthetic and tone of your wedding.

X back chairs are among one of the most popular wedding chairs if you are holding an outdoor reception or ceremony. The Tuscan inspired styling , cross back design, and frame finish strike a rustic yet elegant note to the event.

Folding chairs are also another popular option for outdoor weddings and events. The more upscale variety we sell are crafted of solid wood or metal; some featured in a modest amount of seat and backrest cushioning. If you are on a restricted budget, these inexpensive stacking chairs are a great option though they should be stored indoors.

Nothing breathes elegance into a banquet hall more than upholstered chairs. They are distinguished by their classic design, contemporary look, and plush upholstery, comparatively used as a form of seating at weddings. These chairs come typically in either vinyl or fabric. Whether you are holding a formal or vintage event, these chairs are highly recommended!

If your (outdoor) event is more casual, rattan patio chairs make a wonderful addition. Their stacking capabilities and weather resistance makes them an excellent choice for a wedding at the beach or at a tropical setting. French inspired bistro metal chairs are also another consideration. They offer a modern, industrial aesthetic and are sold in metallic colors. Some are featured with a wooden seat (with some maintenance required) and others come with drain holes.

Determining the Best Seating Layout and Style For Your Venue

When planning your venue layout to accommodate seating for an event, communication is a key factor. Whether you are setting up a business meeting, furnishing a classroom, hosting a full scale gala dinner or accommodating a wedding, seating arrangements can make a noticeable difference. Each event seating style communicates to your guests and delivers a message. It’s therefore crucial that guests are seated in a way that sends a message you want them to receive.

Venue Seating Arrangements Diagram
Cinema / Theater Seats should face forward the front of the room. Chairs are aligned in consecutive straight rows.
Classroom / Lecture Chairs and desks aligned in consecutive straight rows to allow note taking and consumption of plated food and beverage.
Conference Stacking chairs are arranged around a large elongated table, with the audience all facing inwards thus encouraging audience interaction.
Banquet Halls Seating arrangements are similar to that of a restaurant table with guests sitting around a circumference facing inwards enhancing audience interaction.
Outdoor Weddings / Concerts Folding chairs are aligned in a similar fashion seen at a theater though more in a semi-circle putting emphasis on the aisle at wedding ceremony.
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