A Look into Different Types of Venus and Commercial Furniture

Commercial Wood Furniture

While not all restaurant and hotel businesses survive, the food/hospitality industry will continue to flourish because people are sociable by nature. We like to go out, meet new people, get away for the weekend, spend time with friends, and enjoy a fun relaxing evening with those who are close to us. Restaurant furniture is one of the most important factors that influence dining experience. Not all venues are the same and nor is the commercial grade furniture.

Finding the Right Furniture for the Right Establishment

Commercial Restaurant Furniture

Different types of establishments require different types of restaurant furniture. Restaurateurs and hoteliers always want a distinguish look for their establishments. Evidently, they look for the best furnishing option for their venues. For instance, industrial style restaurant tables and chairs may be suitable for an urban style tavern or café but not ideal for a fine dining establishment or a hotel lobby. No matter how nice a table, chair or bar stool looks, it has to match with the type of venue, the interior design, and concept. Fortunately, finding the right furniture piece for your establishment is not too difficult as most restaurant/commercial furniture suppliers offer specific lines for different applications.

If you are considering launching your own restaurant or hotel business, there is ample room for creativity and experimentation with furniture for your design. However, there are elements that encompass one major deciding factor to consider: style of service, seating layout, furniture, menu, food prices, service fees and décor theme. Different types of food/ hotel services and brands are attributed to personal preferences, location and targeted market. By familiarizing yourself with the characteristics of various types of commercial establishments, and service styles, you can select the right theme, style, concept and furniture for your venue.

Restaurants, Cafes, and Banquet Halls

If you are opening a restaurant, you’ll be happy to know that there is a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to restaurant furniture. The key is to find furniture that is attractive, durable, comfortable, and stylish. Pieces that are relatively long lasting and low maintenance should also be considered.

Restaurant furniture for cafes and banquet halls should also be purchased with the same goal in mind. You should, of course, look out for the latest furniture design trends and put your own spin to them so you can stand out from the crowd. This doesn’t necessarily mean use decorative chairs that are uncomfortable to sit in, even if that is the current trend. It doesn’t mean spending a fortune on seating either. You can achieve an amazing look for your restaurant or café design with affordable commercial quality furniture, playing with color, and also by having contrasting commercial tables and chairs.

Bars, Lounges and Clubs

Buying furniture for clubs, lounges and bars is a slightly different matter as people go to clubs and bars primarily to drink, socialize, dance or watch a sports event. However comfort is still crucial. Generally, low, comfortable and vinyl padded club chairs are ideal for clubs, lounges and pubs rather than the standard restaurant tables and chairs because they help set the mood for a night of drinking, dancing, entertainment and fun. Stiff restaurant chairs won’t help you create the atmosphere you are looking for.

Seating layout for bars and pubs are easier in terms of finding relevant furniture as you can use a combination of restaurant bar stools, tables and chairs. Just remember that people mainly go to bars to socialize and drink therefore, your setup and bar furniture should reflect this.

Furniture for Hotels

Hotels are somewhat different than restaurants and bars as people don’t just go to hotels to relax and dine but also use these establishments as their home while on vacation or travelling. Of course, providing your customers with all sorts of services and entertainment such as a restaurant, patio, or bar is a good way to increase profitability. But you need to understand the difference between commercial grade furniture that is used in hotels and restaurants and how it is used. For one thing, lobby chairs for example are often used for long periods of sitting thus emphasis needs to be placed on comfort, preferably using fully padded chairs. However, the same principles in quality, style and comfort still apply. Hotel furniture should still be of commercial grade quality and matching your overall theme.

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