Design and Renovation Ideas for Your Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Design

Coffee shops around the world share a few specific things in common; they all create a cozy inviting environment for customers making it a hub for social activity. With those traits aside, there are no limitations when it comes to coffee shop design ideas. All it takes is a clever coffee shop interior design to make you stand out from competition. With coffee shops opening up everywhere, the growth in that industry has reached 7% over a year in the USA alone! Making your location unique enough to attract customers is imperative. So which small coffee shop design can you use to create an environment that challenges larger corporations and appeals to customers?

Most people visit coffee shops to sip on coffee and possibly nibble on some pastries while socializing with friends, reading a book, studying for an exam or working on some online project. Positive experiences can not only encourage customer loyalty but even inspire people to open up a coffee shop of their own one day. You don’t need to have a big space for your business to be prosperous.

The coffee shop interior is an important aspect for making a profit. Even a coffee shop design for a small space that is comfortable and chic inside will entice more and more customers to visit your place and buy more coffee and baked goods. Regardless how large or small your coffee shop is, a well thought-out layout plan can maximize the space to accommodate customers, operate efficiently, and provide the ambiance you want people to feel and enjoy. You don’t have to break the bank to impress them either.

Highlight Local Flavors and Fresh Touches

Apart from being typically small, the one feature that a multi-location coffee shop interior design has is that a lot of them look the same. When devising a plan for your coffee shop design, setting your location apart by adding local flair using custom restaurant furniture and unique items can arouse the interest and curiosity of people. Out-of-the-box ideas for your coffee shop design range from custom paintings by local artists, local music, and even serving locally produced food items.

If you are renovating your current location, take this as a business opportunity to strengthen your brand identity. Overtime, a coffee shop can become dingy and cluttered if not maintained properly. Creative and even budget-friendly renovation ideas can give your current location a fresh new look.

Employ Creativity and Functionality on a Budget

Configuring your ideal coffee shop interior design takes a little creativity to accumulate all the important elements to turn your dreams into a reality. You need a concept, a business plan and a budget. A budget is a major component of implementing your coffee shop design. But once your cash flow dries up, the further away you move from your goal of running your business.

Additionally, you need to make your business intentions clear and ask yourself how you will serve coffee. A coffee stand, for instance, may be a perfect functional choice. The design doesn’t need to be limited to a typical stand, however.

Affordable and Stylish Décor Ideas

Industrial cafe house design

Industrial décor is the popular choice for a coffee shop interior because it’s affordable and looks nice. If you have visited a coffee shop, you will notice that most of them have brick clad walls. Exposed pipes add to the décor as well. The appropriate coffee house furniture can affect your design. To make your interior cozier, install industrial style lamps, place some metal chairs along with some coffee shop wood tables and even swivel bar stools to complete your industrial décor.

Modern décor is also becoming standard among coffee houses because it doesn’t require much. It looks very contemporary and inviting. You can go very basic with neutral colors, laconic furniture, potted plants and black and white photos. As for seating options, custom upholstered restaurant booths seem ideal but are expensive. You can create seating that is just as comfortable and luxurious with the use of velvet upholstered bed headboards on the walls just behind the wood booths for a fraction of the cost.

Whatever colors and decade you prefer, the retro and mid-century modern décor will always remain cozy and stylish. Shades and colors can range from neutral such as copper to the boldness of yellow or pink. Pastels can be used for this particular décor as well. Modern looking coffee house furniture whether it is upholstered or reclaimed wood, along with floor lamps is recommended to achieve this decoration.

You Can Impress for Less

You should dream big, think out of the box. Your coffee design should be tailored to the customers you want to target and attract. But above all, your goals should be aligned with your budget. But that alone shouldn’t put the brakes on creativity. Coffee houses are a staple across the globe. While not everyone has the resources of big coffee corporations, making yours stand out is not impossible to achieve. By making do with local resources, taking ambience of location into consideration along with a little hard work and motivation, you can bring something new to the table for visitors without overspending.

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