Amerikanos- Lady Lake, FL

Amerikanos- Lady Lake, FL

Located in beautiful downtown Lady Lake, Florida, Amerikanos brings an authentic taste of Greece to its patrons. Founded in 2017 by the restaurateur George Vassilakos, this eatery was born from a vision of creating a cozy yet vibrant space where guests could savor the essence of Greek cuisine without leaving the States. Since its inception, Amerikanos has carved a name for itself in the local dining scene, winning over hearts with its diverse offerings and warm hospitality. Whether you're a regular or a first-time visitor, Amerikanos promises a culinary journey that will have you coming back for more.


With a coastal-inspired design mirroring the surrounding buildings on the palm dotted street, the patio offers guests a relaxing dining experience. Adding a touch of contemporary and urban/industrial themes with the rough cement floors and black frames of the chairs, the space is roomy and inviting. The dark walnut teak blends well with the darker tones, offset by the bright Florida sunshine streaming in from the west..

restaurant seating

Green shutters add a pop of color, and mediterranean wall lamps illuminate the balmy evenings. Ceiling fans under the burgundy awning keep the air moving, and heaters lie in wait for the rare winter moment of cold. The outdoor bar is perfect for the Florida sunshine, sporting backlit purple neon and an almost urban contemporary theme that beckons visitors for a refreshing cocktail to fight the heat.

Black Aluminum Chair with Dark Walnut Faux Teak

A contemporary addition to the space, this chair offers a simplistic take on sophistication, providing charm and elegance with a minimalist, unobtrusive design. Matching the tables, it brings harmony to the patio, with its slatted back styling mirroring the table top construction perfectly.

3-Channel Restaurant Booth

With its dark walnut faux teak slats on the seat and back, our Black Aluminum Chair with Dark Walnut Faux Teak offers a mix of modern comfort and minimalist functionality. Its durable black powder coated frame is built to last, featuring a reinforcement bar under the seat and a lightweight yet rugged aluminum construction. Weather resistant and immune to rust, it suits all types of outdoor commercial spaces.

Black Aluminum Patio Table with Dark Walnut Faux Teak

The authentic wood look of the faux teak top of this table set gives a beach-like feel to the patio, reminiscent of boat docks on the shore and sand in the shoes. A contemporary piece designed to match the chairs, it fits perfectly in the space. Sized to suit small parties of 4 and well spaced to avoid crowding, it provides a comfortable and intimate dining experience for guests.

Premium Solid Wood Plank Table Top<

Coming complete with a black aluminum table base and constructed with end-to-end reinforcements under the table top, our weather, water, and UV resistant Black Aluminum Patio Table with Dark Walnut Faux Teak offers peace of mind for restaurant owners while at the same time providing a comfortable and functional dining experience for guests. The faux teak slats, shown here in dark walnut finish, are as durable as the base, immune to the elements and the effects of heavy use. Built to last, this table will serve its purpose for years to come.

The next time you’re in Lady Lake and want a taste of Greece, visit this fun establishment. It won’t let you down. For more information or to view the menu, please visit: Amerikanos Grill Website

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