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A tropical-inspired restaurant offering new takes on classic Mexican dishes, Bananaz California Cuisine offers a lively ambiance, colorful décor, and a fun atmosphere. With an assortment of tequilas and mescal, as well as various cocktails and wines and a diverse menu, this Mexican eatery offers something for everyone.


The colors are the first thing one notices upon entering. Bold yellows, reds, greens, and blues dominate the space, typical of modern Mexican interior design. The vibrant hues are offset by the black of the chairs and the muted solid wood table tops. Thatch shaded lights hang over the booths, and floral prints and beach-inspired wall hangings add visual interest.

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Bamboo support poles stabilize the arched brick ceilings, and the bar paneling has a colorful lined pattern emphasizing the urban and contemporary décor of the space. Smooth cement floors give the venue an open feel, and the big screen TVs placed throughout the establishment ensure no sports event will be missed. The theme as a whole offers a beach-like tropical vibe, with the woven cane of the chairs and bar stools hinting at a coastal vacation.

Cane Wood Chair & Cane Wood Bar Stool

Crafted with beach-inspired design, the woven cane backs on the Cane Chairs and Bar Stool remind one of a tropical holiday. Perfectly at home in a contemporary Mexican design theme, they accent the color scheme with their solid wood construction. The blacks of the chairs stand out against the coruscating hues of the space, offering patrons a comfortable place to sip their drinks and think of the beaches of Mexico.

Cane Wood Chair

Cane Wood Chair

Offered with a black solid wood frame and seat and woven cane backrest for comfort and support, the Cane Wood Chair is a commercially designed seating solution for contemporary and modern venues. Its strong wood construction promises durability and long-lasting use in high-traffic areas..

Cane Wood Bar Stool

Cane Wood Bar Stool

Constructed from solid wood, the Cane Wood Bar Stool is a durable and rugged furniture piece suitable for a range of venues. With its notable woven cane backrest and solid wood seat, this black-framed stool is designed for commercial indoor use in busy venues. A reinforcement bar under the seat doubles as a footrest.

6-Channel Back Booth

With its sand-colored back upholstery and vivid green seat, our 6-Channel Back Booth embodies the tropical style of the space. Blending well with the vivid colors of the venue, the brightly clad booths add a touch of style. Comfortable and in-demand by guests, these booths offer a private dining experience that is second to none..

6-Channel Back Booth

Shown above, our 6-Channel Back Booth is offered in a range of shapes, lengths, and heights, as well as mix and match vinyl and fabric upholstery on the seat and back. These options ensure that our booth is fully customizable to fit in any venue. Manufactured in the USA from locally sourced materials, and crafted using high-density commercial grade foam padding, this booth is durable, rugged, and relaxing for guests, promising a memorable seating experience for all.

Live Edge Solid Wood Plank Table Top

The earthy wood tones of the Live Edge Solid Wood Table Top help ground the space, while at the same time adding accent to the colors of the décor. A tasteful accompaniment to the vivid booths, the top will provide visual interest and a beautiful dining surface for guests to enjoy their meals.

Yali Bucket Bar Stool

Similar to the table top shown above, our Live Edge Solid Wood Plank Table Top comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, fully customizable to any décor theme. The remarkable live edge detailing makes this top a unique addition to the design of the space. Made in the USA, the table is available in a range of Sherwin Williams finishes, further adding to its versatility. Constructed with a 1 ¾” thickness for durability and strength, this solid maple piece is ready to serve for years to come.

The next time you’re in Temecula, stop by this fun restaurant. Come for the food, stay for the décor..

For more information or to view the menu, please visit Bananaz California Cuisine Facebook page

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