Chicago Installations

Chicago skyline

Also known as the Windy City due to it being in a naturally breezy location off the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago has also been called the Second City due to its longstanding history as being America’s second most populous before being taken over by Los Angeles in the mid-20th century. Chicago has long had a thriving culinary scene making it a mecca for world class chefs and ambitious restaurateurs.

From Chicago’s famous Loop District in downtown Chicago with landmarks such as Willis Tower and the vibrant, bustling Magnificent Mile with its upscale shops luxe fashion outlets and chic restaurants to the Legendary Wrigley Field this premier city has a restaurant for all food lovers. Locals and tourists alike will find endless gastronomical choices from Chicago deep dish pizza to the latest culinary creation.

Chicago is one of the top dining cities in the world. Home to many Michelin starred restaurants, trendy bistros and countless eateries serving up classic comfort food, this city is a great place to open a new restaurant or reinvent an existing one to bring in new patrons. Chicago spread the list of international cuisines with everything from the fat rice packed dishes of Macau - a whacked out culinary meld of Portugese, Indian and Chinese tastes to German Beergartens.

No matter what kind of eatery you open, from a sidewalk cafe or a soul food diner to a chic bistro, you will find an audience for it in this truly diverse mega city. Chicago is not just any metropolis; it's a city with a rich heritage where people embrace Midwestern values and a city that is constantly evolving for the future. It’s a place where the sky's the limit and anything is possible.

Hometown Coffee & Juice

Hometown Coffee & Juice

Gourmet Coffee

Located in the affluent Glencoe Park neighborhood of Chicago, Hometown Coffee & Juice has an upscale appearance and serves gourmet coffee and sandwiches. The elegant interior features chandeliers and track lighting for a refined atmosphere during the evening hours and large windowed front with white walls for a bright and lively atmosphere during the day.
Vintage Style Padded Chair

Vintage Style Padded Chair

Vintage style fully padded metal chairs help create a more sophisticated look and add to the upscale ambiance. The commercial chairs are upholstered in premium black vinyl, creating the perfect counterbalance to the white brick walls and table tops. The comfortable chairs have an inviting appeal, enticing guests to relax and sip their coffee next to the fireplace, or enjoy the view sitting next to the window.

Mati’s Cafe and Lounge

Coffee cup back bar stools

Metal Cafe Bar Stool

Mati’s Cafe and Lounge is known for its relaxed and casual ambiance. Sitting in the heart of Chicago, the coffee house has an expansive interior with an airy feel, large windows, hardwood floors and wood paneling and ceiling. The Coffee cup back bar stools, exposed brick wall, soft lighting and hanging lamp fixtures over the bar give it a feel of a European cafe.
Coffee cup back chair

Cafe Metal Chair

Keeping with the European theme, the coffee cup metal chair was an ideal seating choice for the popular restaurant. The chair’s curvaceous legs and stylized back add to its contemporary yet classic look. The chair has a universal appeal that is quickly becoming a favored restaurant chair for cafes nationwide.

Aurelio’s Pizza

Metal Ladder Back Chairs in a Clear Coat Finish

Metal Ladder Back Chair in Clear Coat

Having opened their first restaurant in 1959, Aurelio’s Pizza has become a beloved fixture on the Chicago area restaurant scene. From their humble beginnings, they have become a pizza empire with 36 locations in 6 different states. At the Tinley Park location metal ladder back chairs in a brown frame finish fit in perfectly with the traditional interior decor.
Custom Restaurant Booths

Custom Restaurant Booths

Custom restaurant booths allow guests to have some privacy while also helping to maximize floor space while the butcher block solid wood table tops add warmth to the interior by balancing the metal chairs and matching the booths’ color scheme. They also make an impression on the guests, giving the restaurant a more prestigious image.
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