Galvins - Georgetown, KY

Galvins - Georgetown, Ky

Established in 2008, Galvin’s on Main is a family owned restaurant in the historic district of Georgetown, Kentucky. The town’s roots go back to the 18th century when it was founded by Rev. Elijah Craig and was called Lebanon but was renamed in honor of President George Washington in 1790. From the outside Galvin’s on Main looks like a traditional British tavern in a part of town with buildings that feature classic European architecture. Their menu offers 100+ items which includes gourmet burgers, specialty sandwiches, pizza and more. They also have 40 beers on tap with many of Kentucky’s local favorite brews. They have a full bar with other choices that include seasonal cocktails and a wide selection of wines.

restaurant bar stools and wood tables

The restaurant’s interior has all the elements of a traditional pub with an industrial touch. The high ceiling has exposed rafters with exposed ducts and electric work and industrial style lighting. In the warehouse like space there is enough room for guests so they can relax and enjoy their drinks. The polished concrete floors also fit in with the ambiance as does the bar brick walls. Adding to the charm of the tavern are unfinished pine whiskey barrels which serve as paneling in some places and for decoration. The decor creates a vibe that is both industrial and vintage.

Rustic patina wood table top

Restaurant Tables

The owner of Galvin’s turned to Affordable Seating to help update the interior. This included buying new tables and seating that would reflect the bar’s look and feel. To achieve this rustic patina wood table tops which enhance the bar’s industrial image were recommended. The solid wood table tops have a vintage, weathered look that is perfect for industrial design. The custom walnut finish also matched the decor and the solid wood bar tops.
Metal Restaurant Bar Stool

Restaurant Bar Stools

For bar seating the Laurie bistro style metal bar stools with clear frame finish were ordered. The bar stools come with a padded black vinyl seat, back rest and foot rest for additional comfort. They help form an integral part in shaping the industrial ambiance and their image complements the decor. The glossy clear frame finish goes well with the polished concrete floors and its stocky shape gives the bar seating an edge that improves the bar’s overall look.
restaurant chairs and wood tables

Additional seating includes vintage style metal chairs with brown padded seat and back. The chairs are upholstered in premium vinyl which looks and feels like genuine leather and includes fine stitching. The vintage look comes not only from the shape and design but also from the slightly stressed look, which also blends well with the rustic patina tables. It has the look and feel of a comfortable, old school chair that can be found in many fine establishments. The bucket seats make it extremely comfortable making these chairs not only luxurious but extremely comfortable and durable, which makes them a smart choice for this type of busy environment.

The combination of the rustic patina tables, the vintage style padded chairs and the Laurie Bistro Style Metal Bar Stools complement each other and bring about the vintage, industrial look the owner was going for. The result was a style that upgraded the decor and matched the color scheme. The brown upholstery of the vintage chairs flowed with the walnut table tops and brown polished floor. The owner was pleased with the way everything came together and the guests were impressed with the quality and comfort of the seating.

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