Rustic Chop House - Broken Arrow, OK

Rustic Chop House

Rustic Chophouse is a top-notch steakhouse in Oklahoma that is a carnivore’s dream come true. The upscale bistro is a prime example of how industrial and rustic interior design can be integrated to create a truly special ambiance. Located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Rustic Chophouse is located in the Rose District which offers customers a unique experience. The restaurant opened in late 2020 to rave reviews. It offers fine dining in a rustic yet very high end atmosphere. The owner did a fantastic job of renovating and rejuvenating this old building into a very attractive restaurant. It is reminiscent of the upscale restaurants and bars in the Central West End in St Louis, both in look and quality.

restaurant booths, chairs and wood table tops

The interior has the traditional hallmarks of industrial design with large wood beams lining the ceiling and exposed brick walls which are adorned with images of Broken Arrow’s Main Street through the years. To let in plenty of natural light there are large, full wall length front windows that allow an unfettered look inside inviting people in for a drink or a meal. The bistro’s logo with its large cleaver and searing knife not only helps with brand recognition but also serves to reinforce its rustic, industrial image. The logo is on an oval shaped wooden board and sign can be seen hanging outside with a large one on the back wall welcoming diners as they enter. The signs are rust colored which goes well with the lighting and the interior color scheme further enhancing the industrial and rustic look.

Other touches of rustic industrial design are the hardwood floors and the high ceiling. The interior has soft lighting which offsets the bleak industrial look with unique, modern hanging light fixtures. The amber lighting provided by incandescent bulbs further softens the mood with a soft warmth that plays well off the wood paneling and light painted walls giving the dining area a golden glow. Enhancing the rustic industrial decor are booths with additional low-key lighting provided using vintage style metal lamps.

restaurant booths, chairs and wood table tops

Rustic Chophouse ordered 6 channel booths from us. The American made booths, upholstered in black vinyl blend in with the industrial style and offer the guest much appreciated intimacy and comfort with privacy panels separating the booths. The booths help maximize floor space and the owner chose half booths and three-quarter booths to make efficient use of the floor plan. The booths also help give the bistro a more prestigious look that attracts a more upscale clientele.

restaurant booths, chairs and wood table tops

For additional seating, the restaurant already had industrial style chairs and bar stools. These chairs and bar stools add to the industrial look and feel with their simplistic, minimalist style and the metal frames and walnut colored back and seat blend in well with the overall motif. Our industrial style metal chairs and matching bar stools (as seen below) also go great with the rustic, industrial decor. The attractive chairs have a modern simple design with square and rectangular metal frames and wood back and seats, giving them a geometric symmetry commonly found in industrial interior design. The chairs and bar stools come in walnut finish which shows off the natural beautiful wood grain. Also available in black vinyl padded upholstered seat they are not only stylish but comfortable as well.

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