The Blockhouse Pub - Sault Ste. Marie, ON CA

The Blockhouse Pub

The Blockhouse Pub is in the same building as the historic Train Station at the Machine Shop. It is a popular spot for locals and tourists in the lovely Canadian town of Sault Ste. Marie which is located on the shore of the St. Marys River and at the heart of the Great Lakes known as the Clergue Blockhouse, it is one of Sault Ste. Marie's most significant buildings because of its early association with the North West Company Post, a fur trading company, and its later association with F.H. Clergue, an American industrialist who established a powerful industrial complex in Sault Ste. Marie at the turn of the 20th century.

The stone walls of the Clergue Blockhouse were constructed in 1819 of uncut fieldstone and are the only remains of the North West Company Post in the town. Stark and simple in its design, this former powder magazine is an example of unadorned, wilderness architecture used by early fur trading companies. The interior remains in its original industrial style with exposed brick walls and high ceilings. The pub has large framed windows which allow for natural light and the front door and entrance are all glass. Exposed aluminum covered ducts can be seen from above.

restaurant furniture on location

When the time came to refurbish the pub’s interior and upgrade the furniture our large selection of quality industrial style furniture was just what was needed. For restaurant chairs the Cane wood industrial chair with black frame finish were a perfect fit. The chair has a unique industrial style that blends in well with the building’s historic interior. The mesh backrest adds a contemporary touch yet the chair fits in with the traditional motif. The black frame finish also goes well with the black framed windows and bars.

country style restaurant

To go with the cane wood industrial chairs, the industrial series restaurant tables were a great choice. The table comes as a set with a dark metal table base and a solid wood table top in walnut finish. The table top has a slightly distressed finish that goes well with the industrial theme. The tables’ black bases also match the frames of the cane wood chairs. The combination of the wood chairs and the wood table tops with metal stands complemented each other and the overall interior.

The Blockhouse Pub also has a classic style long wood bar in black finish, which goes well with the tables, chairs and the black framed windows. For comfortable bar seating our deco style restaurant bar stools were selected. The comfortable bars stools have a deluxe padded seat and wraparound, fan shaped back so customers can relax while enjoying a drink. The bar stools have a vintage look that is a perfect match for the historic venue. The bar stool comes with a sturdy metal frame in black finish and a foot rest for additional comfort.

deco style restaurant bar stools

In addition to the chairs and bar stools, corner booths and wall benches provide guests with another option for comfortable seating. Our DH style wood booth with bead board back are handmade and built to custom specifications in the US. The booth seats and back padding are upholstered in spicy brown vinyl that fits into and enriches the interior décor’s color scheme and. help give the pub an upscale attractive look.

deco style restaurant bar stools

The bar stools and semi padded booths are designed to provide a retro look reminiscent of the turn of the 1900's when design was at its best and focused on both function and form including both visual appeal and comfort in one.

For more information, menu and a beautiful virtual tour of the location we recommend you visit the Blockhouse Pub's website.

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