The Sunrise Cafe - Le Grand, IA

The Sunrise Cafe  - Le Grand, IA

Located in Le Grand, Iowa, the Sunrise Cafe is an all-American cafe serving the local residents with hearty diner food such as waffles, French toast and omelets and entrees such as steak, pork chops and jumbo shrimp. It has a home country feel that makes guests relax and feel at home making it a popular dining choice for friends and family.

Sporting the Rustic / Farmhouse look to perfection

restaurant furniture on location

The Sunrise Cafe recently underwent a full renovation with western themed decor. The motif sports a rustic, farmhouse look with a combination of wood panels and exposed brick walls. Black and white photos of steer and a large cowhide on one of the walls cement the western image. Adding to the rustic feel are factory style hanging lights. Solid wood flooring in a barn like square pattern completes the transformation.

Matching Chairs and Bar Seating

restaurant chairs and tables on location

To complete rebranding the restaurant's image, high quality commercial furniture was needed. Sunrise Cafe contacted us for chair and matching bar seating. The black metal ladder back chairs with solid seats and matching bar stools were chosen as the best fit for both the décor and the budget. These chairs and bar stools are popular for their versatility and durability. They also provide comfortable seating and blend well with the rural image thanks to their wood seats. The strong metal back with horizontal bars adds to the rustic appeal.

Matching Furniture and Decor

The owner of the Sunrise Cafe went with the barn house look, and was pleased with how well the wood seats matched the flooring. Not only did they match the decor they added to the authentic, down home country feeling that they wanted. Which included farm equipment mounted on the walls such as repurposed windmills and barn plank wood paneling.

restaurant booths on location

The ladder back design has the same symmetry as a farmer’s pitchfork. The chair's look is the perfect style to complement the traditional look and add to the rustic ambiance. The restaurant chair and bar stools wood seats also match the floor finish helping to complete Sunrise Cafe’s look.

restaurant booths on location
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