Commercial Diner Chairs

As far as restaurant themes go, you can’t go wrong with the 1950’s era diners. Considered the golden age for America, people nostalgically remember the time when rock n roll was born and prosperity was booming. For this reason, even 70 years later retro diners, ice cream parlors and 50’s style bowling alleys are still popular. To help you capitalize on this special era for your restaurant theme, we offer many retro and vintage style chairs. Check out our line of diner chairs with their distinctive retro style. [+] read more...

To ensure our chairs have an authentic, 1950’s vintage look, we have all the bases covered. Our diner chairs come with chrome plated steel frames and padded vinyl seats that were so popular in the 1950’s and 60’s. Not only do these materials add to the classic, vintage look, the 16 gauge tubular steel frames are exceptionally sturdy and the vinyl upholstery is easy to clean. You will find a variety of retro style upholstery patterns popular in that era such as the V-shape and Bel Air channel back that will give your decor a more authentic look. To complete your diner’s look, pair these chairs with matching bar stools. [-] hide
Diner Chairs

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