Industrial Chairs

Industrial chairs, a durable mix of wood and metal that can turn your venue from plain into next level. Loved by everyone from the traditionalist to the steampunk for its ability to bring back yesteryear, these factory inspired chairs may be just what you are looking for. [+] read more...

Industrial Chairs characteristics

  • Rustic look - originally created for functionality rather than style industrial furniture is known for its rustic non pretentious look which can make everyone feel welcome.
  • Minimalist design – no frills attached. With minimalist design functionality is the name of the game aiding in creating a spacious looking room.
  • Instantly recognizable – originally made to be used in factories and other manufacturing facilities the industrial design brings nostalgia and a sense of familiarity to your customers faces.
  • Commercial grade - trusted to withstand the most extreme environments, these restaurant chairs are more than capable to withstand heavy constant use on a daily basis.

Our products – Your Satisfaction

With an extended warranty to put our money where our mouths are we are sure you’ll get the most durable restaurant furniture that we can make and find. Built to last, our industrial chairs have a design that turns imperfections and scratches into something special allowing for the inevitable wear and tear of time and heavy use to appear as part of the design.

With matching industrial barstools and the right choices in tables you can have a style that will last you for years. So browse our selections and find the restaurant sets that will put your place on the map.

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Industrial Chairs

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