Booth Tables for Restaurants

Known for their variety of attractive design patterns, shapes, durability, maximum seating capacity and comfortable seating, restaurant booths are one of the most highly sought after items. Paired together with a booth table, you can create a cozy nook for meals and conversations. [+] read more...

What is a booth table and how is it different from a restaurant table?

A booth table is specifically used in conjunction with a restaurant booth. Tables with a rectangular top surface are commonly used as booth tables because they fit the best with booths. Clipped corner table tops can easily fit with ½ and ¾ circle booths. They maximize usage and enhance the décor as well as facilitating getting in and out of the booths and allowing for efficient service.

General Information

All of our booth tables are made in the USA from locally sourced materials by our talented craftsmen. Easy to clean and maintain, these tables stand up to the daily rigors in a high traffic commercial environment. We can also customize your booth table in any shape, finish or size. Be in touch with us today!

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