Back Nine Oxford - Lafayette Springs, MS

Back Nine Oxford - Lafayette Springs, MS

Not your average sports bar, the Back Nine Oxford features a full-service kitchen staffed by award winning chefs, a fully stocked bar, and the unique experience of Full Swing sports simulators, which allow enthusiasts to play a round of virtual golf, or act as the quarterback for their favorite football team. Dubbed “The Country Club on the Square”, the bar is situated on the historic Oxford Square in Lafayette Springs. Offering their sports simulator by the hour for parties of up to 6, the gaming and the atmosphere compete for the attention of patrons, drawing them in with the welcoming décor and unique activities.

Menu & Design

With its diverse menu options, the Back Nine shatters the myth that bar food is nothing to write home about. Offering their Bim Bam Shrimp, Fried Birdies, Loaded Tots, and a variety of premium burgers, patrons know they will experience a full-service restaurant experience in this local bar.

Dark but not dingy, the first impression of the venue holds true to the hometown bar expectation, a rustic-industrial décor with muted colors, matte black ceiling with exposed piping, and the plush and comfortable choice of chair and bar stool. Everything about the place exudes comfort and hominess, with the windows letting in just enough light to reflect off of the seating’s metal frames. Large communal tables foster camaraderie, as patrons can engage in conversation and make new friends while enjoying the offerings of the menu and cocktail options.

restaurant seating

The bar area, with its exposed brick siding and illuminated rows of bottles, promises a relaxing experience. The plush bar stools allow users to sit for extended periods without discomfort- an important trait for a neighborhood bar. Whatever the initial draw, customers will find no shortage of good food, great drinks, and activities for all.

Note how the wood tables match with the wall panels and flooring, further reinforcing the rustic nature of the space. The choice of chair complements the overall design, adding a touch of mid-century style to the venue.

Yali Bucket Chair and Bar Stool

The Yali bucket chair and bar stool are designed with a sleek and modern aesthetic, making them a perfect fit for an industrial-rustic bar decor. The black metal frame and padded vinyl upholstery of the Yali chair and bar stool will complement the rugged textures and raw materials commonly found in an industrial-rustic setting. The clean lines and minimalist design of these pieces will add a contemporary edge to the space while still maintaining a sense of warmth and character.

Yali Bucket Chair

Yali Bucket Chair

Featuring a durable metal frame with the choice of black, wood grain pecan, or espresso finish, the Yali Bucket Chair offers a deep, luxurious bucket seat, perfect for bars and lounges where customers will remain seated for extended periods. Exuding comfort and style, this chair will provide a memorable seating experience for all. With a choice between three premium padded vinyl colors, this chair is diverse enough to fit in a range of modern, contemporary, vintage, and rustic venues.

Yali Bucket Bar Stool

Yali Bucket Bar Stool

Offered with a choice of black, London tan, or buckskin vinyl upholstery and durable heavy-duty metal construction, the Yali Bucket Bar Stool is ready for use in high-traffic demanding restaurant venues. Offering a plush seating experience with its wide bucket seat, this stool will create memorable experiences for patrons. With a choice of frame finishes, it is diverse enough to fit in a variety of venues. Featuring an under-seat reinforcement bar for stability that doubles as a foot rest, this stool is built to last.

The next time you are in Mississippi, check out the Back Nine. A local favorite, this bar will not disappoint.

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