Better Than Sex Dessert Restaurant - West Hollywood, CA

Better Than Sex Dessert Restaurant

Better Than Sex, is a specialty dessert restaurant that caters to adults and couples. The restaurant chain, which originated in Florida has restaurants nationwide and recently opened a new franchise in West Hollywood, California. Key West‘s pastry power couple, Dani and Len Johnson of Better Than Sex dessert restaurant, have been honoring and elevating that survivalist sweet tooth for nearly 13 years. What began as a pocket-sized drinks-and-dessert experience on Key West’s Petronia Street has expanded to a larger, but equally intimate, local space, plus locations in Savannah, Orlando and Dallas. The eatery specializes in rich, exotic desserts with sensual names and is often ornately decorated. Married co-owners and Key West‘s pastry power couple Dani Johnson and Len Johnson are known statewide for their tarted-up desserts. They're holding down the fort at their first location, opened in 2008 in Key West. Better than Sex also serves wine and cocktails.

restaurant booths and wood tables

In addition to the decadent desserts, the restaurant strives to create a romantic atmosphere which allows guests to relax and have the whole experience, with the exceptional service, the lighting and the décor. All the desserts are made on-site from scratch, and most have titillating names such the Peanut Butter Perversion. One of the most popular creations is the Twist and Stout, a chocolate cake made with chocolate stout beer. In the middle of the treat is a tart chocolate frosting, and it's served with salty caramel on the plate and an Irish cream liqueur ice cream on the side. The mood lighting and sexy photos that adorn the walls make it a perfect spot for couples. The interior has been designed to create a romantic atmosphere and has satin curtains dividing tables for privacy. The gilding ceiling has ornate crystal chandeliers hanging from it. The masonic brick walls have sensual photographs and round mirrors with decorative frames and dark tile flooring and exposed brick walls also add to the allure creating the feeling of a lover’s grotto.

Button Tufted Back Restaurant Booth

Restaurant Booths

The owners furnished their new Los Angeles location with USA made button tufted restaurant booths in premium black vinyl with a variety of shapes including half booths, double booths and custom made single booths. The booths give couples intimacy and add to the overall mystique. They also help create a sophisticated, deluxe image when combined with the sultry decor and elegant chairs.
Solid Wood Restaurant Table Tops

Restaurant Tables

Solid wood table tops in dark mahogany finish are paired with the booths. The solid wood plank tops are handcrafted in the USA and fit in well with the lavish decor. For an upscale eatery such as this, solid wood tables are the perfect choice to create a romantic atmosphere where guests can indulge their senses. There is nothing quite like the texture and natural look and feel of solid wood and the blend in perfectly with the motif to help create that special mood.
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