Braum's Ice Cream - Oklahoma City, OK

Braum's Ice Cream - Oklahoma City, OK

Braum’s Ice Cream is a popular chain of dairy stores and ice cream parlors throughout the Midwest. The company also operates dairy farms that offer customers farm-to-table freshness. The farm was established in 1933 and the first dairy stores and dairy farms opened in 1968 starting in Oklahoma. The family run business of ice cream parlors eventually became Peter Pan Ice Cream Stores. They also serve burgers, fries, baked goods such as artisan breads and pastries as well as other desserts.

The family friendly ice cream parlors have a light, airy ambiance with large glass windows and with some of the interior walls having a natural stone facade which also matches the exterior. Adding to the natural look and feel are stone tiles and laminate table tops with a granite finish, giving guests the impression that they have entered a mountain retreat. There is also commercial patio furniture which also features the same light-stone facade and stone tiles. Steel seating and the granite table tops add to the mountain country theme.

Ice cream parlor interior design

The owner of Braum’s Ice Cream contacted Affordable Seating when he was shopping for quality seating for his ice cream locale. For restaurant chairs he chose metal ladder back chairs in black frame finish with solid wood seats in natural raw finish. The natural finish fits in well with the rural mountain look the owner was going for while the black frame finish matches the black t-mold edge of the tables and other parts of the interior with black trim such as the window frames and wall paneling.

metal ladder back bar stools

For additional indoor seating he chose matching ladder back bar stools also in black frame finish and matching solid wood seats in natural finish. To mix-up the seating arrangements so that customers would have more choice, the bar stools were paired with bar height restaurant tables towards the entrance of the parlor, next to a large window where guests can look out over the patio. The classic ladder back style is very popular with restaurant owners and eateries across the country. They can blend in with any decor, whether it’s modern, traditional, industrial or rustic, making them the perfect all-around bar stool.

Braum’s has a nice patio and they also ordered patio furniture. To go with their outdoor table tops they bought steel table bases which are perfect for outdoor weather since they are waterproof and rust proof. The stainless steel also adds an upscale look to the tables that is more appealing for an outdoor look than cast iron and they have a shiny finish that won’t dull over time and is scratch resistant.

Patio restaurant furniture

For comfortable outdoor seating, the owner chose indoor-outdoor metal chairs in silver finish. The patio chairs have a glossy silver coat finish that complements the stainless steel table base and laminate table tops. They are fully weatherproof and easy to clean, making them an ideal choice for comfortable outdoor seating. The sharp looking chairs have a clean look and add an element of style that fits in with the ice cream parlor’s mountain theme. These chairs are perfect for quick service restaurants where good looks and durability are important.

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