D2 Sports Pub - Hobart, WI

D2 Sports Pub  - Hobart, WI

Located in Hobart, Wisconsin, D2 Sports Pub is a place where family and friends can get together to enjoy a drink or a meal while watching sports on one of their many wide screen televisions. The recently opened bar and grill is part of the D2 franchise which has other locations throughout Wisconsin. In addition to traditional pub fare such as sandwiches, burgers and pizza, they also serve dinner entrees such as steak, salmon, pork chops and coconut shrimp. The venue also features a patio, outdoor bar and space for special events.

Residents of Hobart welcomed the addition of D2 since there were few other dining options in the fast-growing town. D2 is not just a sports pub, it is an upscale American steakhouse and is part of a $2.4 million facility that also has a banquet hall. The pub has a rustic look and feel that fits in with the area. It also has an industrial touch with acid washed, polished concrete floors, high ceilings with exposed ducts and brick walls. The bar and grill also has a neutral color scheme which is an integral part of the industrial style look.

restaurant patio furniture on location

The bar and grill has a warm and inviting atmosphere to make guests feel at home. The owner of D2 ordered reclaimed style plain back booths with black vinyl upholstery. The booths provide the comfort and privacy that guests prefer and to the down home country feel. The reclaimed look box wood seats add to the rustic look that fits in with overall interior design and the vibe of the small town. Black vinyl upholstery is a natural choice since it looks and feels like leather and fits in well with the decor. The restaurant booths are also easy to clean and offer patrons uncompromising comfort to relax and have a good time.

restaurant booths on location

For additional seating they added vintage style metal chairs with padded backs and seats in vinyl upholstery as well as matching vintage style bar stools for seating at the central bar and around bar height tables using whiskey barrels as a base. The upholstered chairs and bar stools are not from us, but we have very similar matching upholstered chairs and bar stools on our site.

To go with the chairs and bar stools, solid wood plank table tops were also ordered. These help give the venue the prestigious look of an upscale steakhouse. They also add to the rustic vibe that they were trying to create. A big advantage to using wood tables is that they can easily be repaired or refinished, which cannot be done with a laminate table. We offer a large selection of premium, solid wood table tops for a variety of interior design styles.

restaurant patio furniture on location
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