Haraz Coffee House - Orland Park, IL

Haraz Coffee House - Orland Park, IL

Most agree that the original coffee plants were native to the western regions of Ethiopia. Coffee was recorded as a beverage as early as the 6th century, utilized by the Ottoman Empire. It was in Yemen, however, that these plants were finally cultivated and developed into the beans and beverage that we know today. First generation immigrants from the birthplace of coffee, the Yemenis behind the Haraz Coffee House chain believe that roasting and serving coffee is a ritual that brings people of all cultures together. With beans grown at altitudes above 3000 ft in a village called Haraz, they craft authentic Yemeni-style beverages for the enjoyment of all.

Design and Décor

Light plays an integral role in the high-end atmosphere of Haraz. Full picture windows allow the light to permeate every aspect of the impressive modern yet classic design style. With the polished stone floors giving way to holiday-inspired wood chairs and muted table tops, the space exudes opulence. Classic chandeliers and pendant fixtures hang decadently, promising a unique coffee shop experience like no other.

Haraz of Orland Park

There is plenty of space between tables, with panoramic views from the windows for all to enjoy while sipping their favorite coffee drink. The high ceilings and stone walls give the impression that the space is larger than it really is. A truly decadent coffee house experience awaits first time guests to this impressive locale.

Cane Wood Chair and Bar Stool

The Cane Wood Chair and Bar Stool accent the space with their modern and tropical look. Blending nicely with the solid wood table tops, these furniture pieces give patrons the feel of a holiday on the beach. They complement the décor with their solid wood construction and sleek black frame, blending in with the blacks and greys of the interior.


Cane Wood Chair

Featuring a woven backrest and simple yet aesthetic design, the Cane Wood Chair is perfect for modern restaurants, cafes, bistros, and more. With a solid commercial construction and a black wood frame, this chair is built to last. Offered with a solid wood seat, this chair is both comfortable and practical, easy to move around and place.

Cane Wood Bar Stool

Cane Wood Bar Stool

The Cane Wood Bar Stool is constructed with a durable wood frame and a woven cane backrest for user comfort. Offered with a black frame finish and a solid wood seat, this strong and visually pleasing stool will fit well in a range of commercial applications. A solidly built commercial piece, this stool will stand the test of time in high-traffic venues.

Solid Wood Plank Table Top

Our range of solid wood plank table tops fit well in this venue, providing a muted yet noticeable wood accent to the upscale décor. Playing perfectly against the wood chairs, and blending with the blacks, greys, and whites of the interior design, this table is the perfect addition to the space’s theme.

Ladder back wood grain chairs

Our Premium Solid Wood Plank Table Top is offered with a choice of 7 premium Sherman Williams wood finishes, and constructed with a 7-stage finishing process for durability and aesthetic appeal. Hand crafted and built in the USA, these premium tops add class to any establishment. Available in a range of sizes and shapes, this 1 ½” thick table top is not only resilient. It offers a high-quality dining experience for guests. The table is also available with a drop leaf option, perfect for venues that need flexibility in their seating capacity.

Yali Bucket Chair

Offering a change from the monochrome interior of the space, our Yali Bucket Chair adds a splash of vibrance, creating a colorful corner for guests to enjoy the plush seating experience offered with this chair. Fitting in well with the yellows and patterns of the booths, this luxurious chair lets guests take their time with their coffee, enjoying both the beverage and the comfort of the chair.

Yali Bucket Chair

Shown above in London tan vinyl upholstery, our Premium Yali Bucket Chair comes with a variety of natural looking wood look frame finishes for its durable, fully welded metal frame. Utilizing high-density foam padding and premium vinyl upholstery offered in several color options, this chair can fit in a range of commercial venues, from lounges to pubs, and clubs to cafes. With its luxurious bucket seat ready to envelop users, this popular chair promises a memorable seating experience, perfect for an upscale coffee house such as this.

Luna Metal Bar Stool

Offering a comfortable bar-height seating option, the Luna Metal Bar Stool fits well here. With its padded backrest and seat, this chair is perfect for this high-end coffee house, giving patrons the ability to sit and relax with their traditional Yemeni coffee. Like the Yali, the colorful upholstery on the seat brings a vibrant accent to the space.

Luna Metal Bar Stool

Similar to the bar stool shown above, our Luna Metal Bar Stool is constructed with a fully welded metal frame for durability. With its sleek black frame finish offsetting the choice of London tan vinyl upholstery, it is a striking piece that adds color and style to any space. Available in a choice of 4 premium vinyl colors, its padded back and seat offer luxurious comfort for patrons, keeping them coming back for more. Available as a chair as well, this stool is diverse enough to complement any interior design style.

Haraz Coffee House has locations spanning 7 states across the country, from California to New York, Texas to Michigan, and Kentucky as well as North Carolina. To find the location nearest you and to view their menu and philosophy of coffee, please visit Haraz Coffee House Website

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