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It wasn’t always the way it is now. "It’s the middle of summer, yet your restaurant is empty," remarked Gordon Ramsey upon stepping into In the Drink to film the show “Kitchen Nightmares". "We don’t need that much help," assured George, the owner. Nadia, the server, summed it up. "When people think of a Country Club and they come here, I feel like they think they’re in the wrong place. The inside is very dark. Its gloomy. It looks like a high-school cafeteria."

Gordon Ramsey's Help

In the summer of 2023, help arrived- as seen in this episode of Kitchen Nightmares. A harsh but fair critic, Ramsey could see the problems and outlined a plan of action. A change was needed, not only to the menu, but to the décor itself. That’s where Affordable Seating came in. Our range of commercial-grade premium furniture, coupled with our experienced team of professionals, took the bare-bones design of the restaurant and turned it on its ear. Gone was the furniture of a failing venue, and in its place a remarkable and cohesive interior design grew and prospered. “It’s a new beginning for us,” George exclaimed when shown the new layout. And it was.

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New Design

The introduction of the new furniture has completely transformed the ambiance of the restaurant, breathing new life into the once tired decor. The clever incorporation of golf club pictures and Scottish Tartan wallpaper adds a unique and fitting touch, creating a clubhouse-inspired theme that is perfect for a golf course setting. The new design gives the décor a rustic feel, providing visual interest and a classic touch to the space.

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Quick Ship 6-Channel Booth

Our sleek and modern quick-ship 6-channel booth, clad in premium black vinyl, serves as a focal point, offering an intimate and cozy seating arrangement for guests. It is available in a choice of black or wine vinyl, and is crafted with high-density foam padding for comfort and durability. Made in the USA, it is uses locally sourced materials, assuring long-lasting use in high-traffic environments. Offered in singles or doubles, this booth is a versatile fit for a variety of venues.

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Custom Laminate Table Top with Self Edge

Our Custom Self-Edge Laminate Table Top adds a touch of contemporary elegance with its sleek marble looking finish, as well as durability and ease of maintenance with their easy to clean, stain resistant build. Offered in 1 ¼” thickness, this top is crafted with 45-pound industrial-grade particle board with horizontal grade laminate and thermally fused backer. Available in any laminate from Wilson Art or Formica, this versatile piece are suitable for a range of commercial applications.

Wood Grain Ladder Back Chair

Golf clubs are expected to maintain a certain standard when it comes to the décor. Patrons expect high-quality furnishings and a pleasant atmosphere. In keeping with this expectation, the restaurant chose to purchase wood-look metal chairs, providing the appeal of authentic wood without the hassle.

Ladder back wood grain chairs

Our Premium Wood Grain Ladder Back Chair exudes a sense of traditional sophistication with its classic design, providing a comfortable and refined seating experience. Constructed with a heavy-duty metal frame in wood-look finish, this chair is offered with either a solid wood or padded vinyl or fabric seat, suitable for a range of commercial environments. Non-marring glides ensure floor protection. With its limited lifetime warranty, this chair is built to last.

Wood Grain Ladder Back Bar Stool

To achieve cohesiveness in the design, matching bar stools are available. With the same wood-look as the chairs, these stools allow for bar-height table seating, a more intimate experience than one would get at the bar itself. Sturdy and dependable, the choice of stools is a solid fit for the establishment.

Wood Grain Ladder Back Bar Stool

Similar to our Wood Grain Ladder Back Chair, our Premium Wood Grain Ladder Back Bar Stool adds a touch of traditional and contemporary style to the space. Seen here at a bar-height table, these stools are a fit for discerning pubs and bars alike, and can also be utilized in any restaurant setting. With the option of a solid wood or fabric or vinyl upholstery in a range of colors and a limited lifetime warranty, these stools will stand the test of time.

Yali Bucket Bar Stool

One can’t have a successful golf club bar without furniture that provides exceptional comfort and support for tired patrons. Our Premium Yali Bucket Bar Stools does just this. Seen here, the refined black seat and frame pairs well with the wood paneling at the bar, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the venue.

Yali Bucket Bar Stool

The Yali is the perfect combination of classic style and modern comfort. Crafted with a plush bucket seat, it provides weary golfers with a luxurious seating experience that is second to none. Upholstered in premium vinyl and filled with high-density foam padding, this stool offers three vinyl colors, a fit in a range of high-end bars and pubs. The choice of wood grain metal finishes further adds to the sophistication of the piece. Available in a matching chair, these stools can be used in high-end pubs, lounges, or clubhouses and more.

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Today it is a completely different story. “The place looks phenomenal, the food is on the money,” a happy customer commented. “Before, when we went here, it was funeral home vibes. Now its bright and lively, everyone’s excited.”

With a new menu, new interior design, and a revitalized staff, In the Drink is set to make a name of itself on and off the course. From the luxurious bar seating to the functional yet elegant tables and chairs, this is a completely redesigned space for patrons to enjoy a country-club meal or drink. Today one can find a dining area full of happy golfers at In the Drink, promising a bright future for the once-failing restaurant and its patrons.

Find out more about the restaurant at In the Drink Restaurant Website

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