Jimmy G's - Virginia Beach, VA

Jimmy G's - Virginia Beach, VA

“Very accommodating. The Chef came out to talk to us about our custom order. Food was delicious, drinks were amazing. Service was excellent. Beautifully updated restaurant and bar. Will be going back." A happy reviewer posted.

Evolving from the shared vision of co-owners Jim Garofolo and David Bohannon, Jimmy G’s was born to serve Virginia Beach’s Little Neck community. Known for its wrap around bar and large menu selection, this bistro and chophouse is popular with locals and tourists alike. Featuring a 70-seat chophouse dining experience, the menu offers prime selections of beef, veal, pork, or chicken.

Design and Decor

The urban contemporary dining space offers a warm and inviting setting from the moment guests step inside. The sleek and shiny button-tufted bar stools and slick 6-channel booths create an elegant and modern ambiance. The stone-look bar counter and grey cement floor add a touch of urban sophistication to the space. Pendant lighting is strategically placed to illuminate the fully stocked bar, creating a captivating focal point and enhancing the overall atmosphere. With its stylish design and attention to detail, this dining space promises a memorable experience for all who enter.

restaurant seating

The bar area wraps around the restaurant, and is a central point for guests to gather and watch their favorite team. Also on offer is a private dining room boasting a luxurious and personal dining experience, complete with 4 large TVs and seating for up to 14 guests.

NK Custom Booths and button Tufted Bar Stools

Our NK custom booth and button tufted upholstered bar stools are excellent choices for an urban-contemporary design theme. Their sleek design, clean lines, and customizable options make them versatile additions to any urban space. The button tufting on the bar stools adds texture and visual interest, while the upholstery choices on the booths allow for customization to match or contrast with the surrounding decor.

NK Custom Booth

NK Custom Laminated Booth

Our NK Custom Booth is made in the USA from American materials. This booth can be customized in length, height, shape, and upholstery, offering mix and match fabric or vinyl for the seat and back. Additional options such as welt cord, head roll, and crumb strips ensure customization to match any interior design theme. Offered with laminate caps and ends, this booth is stylish, durable, and visually pleasing.

Button Tufted Back Metal Bar Stool

Button Tufted Back Metal Bar Stool

Our button tufted back metal bar stools offer an aesthetically pleasing and durable seating solution for any venue. Commercially designed with a fully welded metal frame, this stool promises longevity in high-traffic areas. Crafted with user comfort in mind, the padded seat and back provide a comfortable seating experience for prolonged periods at the bar. The classic button tufting adds panache to any space.

Extra Wide Button Tufted Parsons Wood Chair

Our Extra Wide Button Tufted Parsons Wood Chair is a perfect fit for an urban contemporary design theme. Its modern and clean lines, combined with classic tufted detailing, create a unique and visually interesting piece. The extra wide dimensions and comfortable upholstery make it a practical and stylish addition to any contemporary urban space.

restaurant seating

Similar to the chairs shown above, our Our Extra Wide Button Tufted Parsons Wood Chair , is designed for commercial use, offering a padded seat and back that can be upholstered with fabric or vinyl. With its classic button tufted back, this chair adds a traditional touch to the modern interior, offering a luxurious seating experience for customers. Crafted with solid wood legs and frame, this chair is built to last.

Premium Padded Back Wood Chair

The Premium Padded Back Wood Chair is an excellent addition to an urban contemporary design theme. Its sleek and modern design, use of wood, and customizable upholstery options makes it versatile and adaptable to different interior styles.

restaurant seating

Similar to the chairs shown above, our Premium Padded Back Wood Chair offers a comfortable, stylish, and supportive seating experience for customers. Made in the USA, this chair is crafted from solid wood materials sourced locally in America. Assembled using a high-pressure hydraulic press with tongue and groove joinery, this well-made piece will stand the test of time in any restaurant interior. With options for mix and match upholstery on the seat and back as well as the choice of a solid wood seat, this versatile chair is at home in any commercial venue.

Be sure to book your reservation at Jimmy G’s when you’re in the Virginia Beach area. You’ll be glad you did.

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