La Casa Pasta- Newark, DE

La Casa Pasta- Newark, DE

Arriving in America in 1967, Giuseppe Martuscelli had a vision to one day own his own restaurant. A cook by trade, Martuscelli worked at various kitchens over the years, honing his culinary skills in preparation for opening La Casa Pasta. Today, the thriving restaurant is still family owned and operated, with son Gianmarco and his wife Gilda taking the helm and keeping Guiseppe’s dream alive for future generations of Delawareans.

You can’t argue with experience. Here’s what one Yelp reviewer said: “Let's start by saying wow. This little gem was a good catch by my significant other. Their wings were right on point with a nice cold glass of beer. Their options were amazing. This little low key spot is a must.”

Menu & Design

It is evident to anyone walking in that La Casa is a high-end dining venue. With everything from classy chandeliers to the deep, rich paneled wood of the ceiling, the space exudes class and style. The pristine white tablecloths holding glassware, cloth napkins, and the all-important olive oil promise a first-rate dining experience. The dark mahogany finish on the chairs looks almost purple in the ambient light, adding a subtle allure to the venue.

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Tucked into corners of this delightful establishment are cozy tables with luxuriously upholstered furniture, tasteful decorations, and unique pendant lighting, with plants adding a touch of color and a scuffed wood floor that somehow fits perfectly with the furniture. Everything about the place is based on providing a respite from the daily grind, allowing customers to relax and eat and drink in a sumptuous and dignified interior décor.

Premium Padded Back Wood Chair & Mauro Bucket Bar Stool

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Tiffany Wood chair

Tiffany Wood Chair

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Mauro Bucket Bar Stool

Mauro Bucket Bar Stool

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Solid Wood Plank Table Top

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If you are in the mood for a luxurious dining experience and are in the Newark area, La Casa Pasta has you covered. Be sure to stop by for some fine cuisine and an atmosphere that makes memories. For more information or to view the menu, please visit La Casa Pasta Website

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