Marlin Brewhouse and Restaurant - Fort Myers, Fl

Marlin Brewhouse and Restaurant

Marlins Brewhouse is a large restaurant and brew house located in University Village in Fort Myers Florida. The Brewhouse has a large open space for the main interior dining area. The venue also has high ceilings painted in sea blue reflecting the Marlin’s habitat. Sleek hanging lights and exposed ducts painted white also give off a casual and industrial feel. They have 40 brews on tap and offer live entertainment and karaoke, making it a popular venue for food and entertainment. While guests are enjoying a brew or a meal, they can relax at tables and chairs or at booths. There are 16 large wide screen TV’s for guests to enjoy watching a sports match. The walls also have a surf motif and the concrete flooring is painted in a light sand color, making guests feel like they are at the beach.

Country Style Restaurant Booth

Restaurant Booths

The company approached Affordable Seating to help furnish their brew house dining area. As part of their seating array they chose Country Style wood booths. The American made booths provide an intimate space for guests to enjoy their meal in luxury and are upholstered in dark gray vinyl with the wooden part in dark mahogany finish. The booths are handcrafted and have semi padded backs and fully padded seats made of high density foam made for heavy duty commercial use, to ensure they last for many years. The premium vinyl upholstery and wood boxes are also easy to maintain. The color and texture of the wood boxes match the wood tables and the decor. They also help maximize floor space and give customers more seating options. Dining booths are usually preferred by guests because they offer privacy.
French industrial metal chair

Restaurant Chairs

For additional seating, Marlins’ bought French style metal industrial chairs. The versatile chairs have a universal appeal that can fit in with any decor whether it’s industrial or traditional. The French style adds a touch of grace and class to the venue. The chairs are lightweight, making them easy to move to adjust for changing seating needs and are stackable for easy storage. The commercial chairs have wood backs and seats in walnut finish which blends in well with the dining room’s interior design. The chairs also have a finish that matches the wood paneling on the walls above the service area and the natural beauty of the wood complements the surf vibe
restaurant booths, chairs and wood table tops

To go with the booths and industrial style chairs, Marlins ordered premium live edge table tops in dark mahogany finish. The solid wood plank tops' live edge design matches the contour of the chairs and the country style booths. The table tops are made of 1.5” solid wood which comes from sustainably harvested sources and are made in the USA. The solid wood adds prestige to the restaurant while at the same time enhancing the casual beach theme. The advantage of purchasing all of the furniture from Affordable Seating is that Marlins could make sure the finish on their tables and booths would match for seamless continuity.

Live Edge Table Top

Wood Table Top

Inkeeping with the surfing and oceanic theme, the live edge of these table tops adds a wavy pattern to the interior evoking images of the ocean without interfering with the dining experience. Made of solid wood, the American made plank table tops are a wonderful addition to the interior with a finish that can be customized to fit any decor.
X Prong metal table base

Table Bases

The X prong table base blends in nicely in the background without distracting from the well designed interior. Classically built and unassuming, the cast iron black table base comes with adjustable glides making sure the tables will always be stable and wobble free.
restaurant patio furniture: chairs and tables

Marlins also has a spacious patio for customers to enjoy when the weather permits. The covered patio features a high ceiling with hanging lights and big screen televisions to enjoy watching sports. Large ceiling fans keep the guests cool while they relax on armless aluminum outdoor chairs with imitation teak slats in black color. To go with the patio chairs, the owner also chose outdoor resin table tops which also have a reclaimed wood look with black base. The metal black bases are rustproof, making them well-suited for outdoor use.

Resin Patio Table Top

Patio Tables

These table tops are perfect for outdoor use since the resin is fully protected against the elements. The tables are waterproof and UV resistant so they require little maintenance and will look good in all kinds of weather. They are also stain resistant and are easy to clean. The resin tables fit in seamlessly with the other furniture and the outdoor decor.
Metal and Faux Teak Patio Chair

Patio Chairs

With a black aluminum frame and faux teak slats in dark walnut finish the patio chair is ideal for outdoor use in any weather. UV resistant and built to last this aluminum chair is a beautiful modern piece of furniture and is comfortable as well. Matched with a large number of patio tables it can help to create a very appealing dining area.
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