Phoenix Installations

Restaurant Installations in Phoenix

Phoenix has been described as a very new city with a very old soul. With an emerging downtown and a strong sense of community and a growing culinary and arts scene, the Valley of the Sun is reaching new heights. From fine dining in high-end bistros to dining al fresco Phoenix dining scene has something for everybody. Phoenix has become noticed for making great strides in gastronomy and has shaken off the stereotype of being dominated by Tex-Mex food and chain restaurants. The city has become as much of a cultural hotspot as New York or Los Angeles, with a distinctly Southwestern accent.

Restaurateurs looking to make it big in Phoenix will not be disappointed. The culinary renaissance happening in Phoenix in recent years has sparked a lot of interest from locals, tourists and international food aficionados. You can find every cuisine under the sun in the laid back metropolis of 1.6 million inhabitants. If you are starting from scratch opening a brand new restaurant or if you are reinventing your interior design, as the most respected manufacturer and supplier in the restaurant food industry, Affordable Seating will be there for you every step of the way with quality furniture and expert advice. From restaurant chairs, bar stools and tables to outdoor furniture, our massive selection of furniture has something for every style and taste.

The Porch

The Porch

6 Channels Restaurant Booth

The Porch is an upscale yet relaxed restaurant with locations in Tempe and Phoenix. A neighborhood joint, with a casual look and feel. Comfortable 6 channel restaurant booths help the customers relax and provide some intimacy for their guests. The buckskin vinyl upholstery also matches the motif. The 6 channel booths buckskin vinyl goes with the decor, while they maximize floor space and upgrade the restaurant’s image.

The Mid Century Padded Metal Chairs are similar in design to the ones in the image above (that are currently out of stock) and are the perfect seating accompaniment to the booths and wood tables. The chairs have a stylish classic look and help create a nostalgic feeling. The padded chairs are upholstered in brown vinyl to match the booths and enhance the laid back vibe. The unique back legs design gives the chair character which complements the interesting decor.
Vintage Style Padded Chair

Vintage Style Metal Chair

The vintage style metal chairs with brown padded seat and back provide additional comfortable seating. This stylish chair has a timeless appeal that blends in with The Porch’s casual motif. The comfortable chairs contribute to the laid back, casual image. The chairs are upholstered in brown vinyl which matches the other restaurant seating and the decor as well as the surrounding desert landscape.

Premium solid wood plank table tops complete the restaurant seating design. The American made table tops upgrade The Porch’s image, giving it a more prestigious look. The solid wood table tops have a custom finish that matches the booths and chairs as well as the decor. The natural beauty of the wood table tops also flows beautifully with the restaurant’s wood ceiling and flooring.

Basilic Vietnemese Grill

Modern Industrial Restaurant Design

Modern Industrial Restaurant Design

Basilic Vietnamese created an atmosphere and motif that’s a fusion of Asian and modern industrial design. The restaurant interweaves Asian and modern design with Vietnamese artwork, and traditional Asian hanging lanterns combined with clean cream walls and light ceilings. The combination of the Laurie Bistro style metal chair and the dark hardwood plank floors enhances the modern industrial design. The dark colors of the restaurant chairs, table and floor create a sharp contrast with the light, cream colored walls that give the interior design balance and a calming aura.
Bistro Style Metal Chair on location

Laurie Bistro Style Metal Chair

This gem of a restaurant entices customers with the delectable aroma of Southeast Asian cuisine, the restaurant has clean, modern decor which features tones of gray. To blend in with the industrial look, the Laurie Bistro Style Metal Chair with a black padded vinyl seat was a great fit for comfortable seating. The chair also matched Basilic’s color palette adding to the urban motif. This helped them create an interior design that is classy and modern without feeling too stiff and upscale.

Twisted Curry

Modern Asian Restaurant Design

Solid Wood Plank Table Tops

Twisted Curry aims to bring people together by letting them explore, experience and enjoy bold international flavors. In keeping with its fresh outlook, the interior is clean and uncluttered using neutral earth tones for the walls and natural hardwood flooring. The bright and modern interior is enhanced with the bold and modern design of the chairs and the solid wood plank table tops in natural finish. The chair’s natural finish wood back and seat and contemporary design flow seamlessly with the decor and match the finish of the tables and flooring. The combination of the matching color scheme and the restaurant chairs modern design help Twisted Curry promote its natural, creative image.
Interchangeable Back Metal Restaurant Chairs

Interchangeable Back Metal Restaurant Chairs

The restaurant makes use of its airy, open ambiance enhanced by large ceiling fans. Track lighting help bring out the natural beauty of the wood and metal chairs and solid wood table tops. The walls are adorned with large oversized photos of spices and natural ingredients. The unique, modern design of the Interchangeable Back Metal Chairs contributes to create a contemporary interior design. The combination of wood and metal chairs fuses the light, natural motif of the flooring and table tops with the cafe’s fresh, modern appearance.
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