Rockfish Harbor Grill - Monterey, CA

Rockfish Harbor Grill

If you ever find yourself in hungry in Monterey Bay, you should stop for lunch at Rockfish Harbor Grill in Monterey’s historic Fisherman’s Wharf. Situated at the water’s edge, with a family friendly atmosphere and a brand-new redesign you’ll be glad you stopped there.

Located in between seafood markets and colorful shops, the restaurant provides outstanding views and a menu that has something for everyone with emphasis on fresh sea food. Formerly known as Big Fish Grill, Rockfish has reopened with beautiful redesign amongst other changes.

The upscale renovation places the beautiful bay’s views as the focal point of the new design with large, unobstructed windows that look out onto the wharfs and the interior blue and gray walls are covered with beautiful marine wildlife and coastal photographs.

restaurant furniture on location

The interior has ample seating, including a bar area and provides visitors with wide, stroller friendly isles. While the location is the star of the show, the owners made sure the interior is as attractive as well as being comfortable. Solid wood chairs and bar stools with thick vinyl upholstery and tables in rich mahogany finish add to the upscale looking interior. The warm mahogany wood finish matches the cool blue-grey walls and blue-white pebbles covering the bar.

restaurant furniture on location

It is clear that the nautical theme takes place of honor without being kitschy or overdone. There is a total lack of anchors on the walls, sailing ships or coiled ropes. Instead, the nautical undertones of the walls and marine photography allow the location and the menu to speak for themselves while providing a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Thin brass light fixtures over the wall art create a more intimate ambiance in the evenings making the location perfect for a romantic night out or allowing customers to enjoy live music with a cocktail or two.

restaurant furniture on location

The Furnishings

The American made solid wood ladder back chairs come with a premium mahogany finish and the padded seats are upholstered in heavy duty black vinyl that is easy to clean and maintain. The ladder back is one of the most popular designs for restaurants and the wood with its warm look and feel is ideal for upscale dining. Matching ladder back wood bar stools are used at the bar as well as being placed together with wood bar tables in strategic locations around the room providing the guests a high vantage point from where to enjoy the outstanding bay views.

restaurant furniture on location

Providing the customers with a solid dining surface, the matching solid wood table tops help to complete the design and tie the interior together. The premium butcher block table tops are as sturdy as they come especially when combined with cast iron X prong table bases. Easy to clean and maintain, the furniture provides customers with a comfortable dining experience.

restaurant furniture on location
So if you’re ever in the area remember to check out the Rockfish Harbor Grill.
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