Stockyards Tavern

Stockyards Tavern - South St. Paul, MN

Stockyards Tavern and Chophouse provides a modern, relaxed dining environment for all to enjoy. A mix of rustic industrial design and family friendly décor, this restaurant is a haven from the bustle of South St. Paul.

Stockyards offers a diverse and mouthwatering menu. For friends and family looking to share some delicious appetizers, they can choose from a selection of crispy onion rings, flavorful nachos, bold chicken wings, and perfectly marinated steak bites. The restaurant also offers a variety of comforting soups and refreshing salads, including a hearty rotisserie chicken noodle soup, a classic Caesar salad, and a delightful grilled peach salad. For those seeking charbroiled meats, Stockyards Chophouse and Tavern does not disappoint, offering indulgent options such as tender filet mignon, succulent ribeye, USDA prime sirloin, and juicy pork chops. Their mains section includes mouthwatering options like delicate salmon, flaky walleye, aromatic chicken fettuccine, and crispy fish & chips. In addition, the restaurant features an enticing selection of handhelds, including flavorful tavern burger, bold whiskey burger, delicious blackened chicken, and the classic chophouse cheesesteak. Lastly, guests can end their meal on a sweet note by indulging in one of the homemade desserts offered, such as the rich chocolate lava cake, creamy creme brulee, comforting chocolate bread pudding, or the delightful apple cranberry crisp.

restaurant furniture on location

The main dining area exudes an inviting atmosphere, beckoning those in search of a relaxed and satisfying culinary experience. Adorned with reclaimed look, plain-back wine colored double height wall booths and wooden ladder-back chairs, the space emanates warmth and comfort. The booths can be manufactured in any length, height or shape. The charming elegance is further enhanced by the presence of wooden flooring and paneling, seamlessly intertwining rusticity with sophistication. Modern wall colors and tastefully displayed hanging wall art adds a touch of contemporary charm, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a cherished family dining room. Factory style lamps and numerous windows allow the perfect mix of natural and ambient light to enhance the dining experience. The distressed metal ceiling embellishes the rustic feel, reminiscent of a rural dining establishment. The tables shown are similar to our Premium Solid Wood Plank Tabletops.

In the main dining room, an exquisitely crafted country style barn door takes center stage, adorned with a charming hanging horseshoe, evoking a sense of rustic authenticity. The inviting ambiance is further enhanced by a warm and welcoming central fireplace, radiating a comforting glow and inviting patrons to settle in for a memorable dining experience.

restaurant furniture on location

Moving to the bar area, guests are greeted by the sight of multiple big screen TVs gracing the walls, ensuring that sports enthusiasts can catch all the exhilarating moments of the big game. The bar itself is adorned with stools similar to our luxurious Backless Swivel Bar Stool, with the metal base and frame ensuring durability to support high traffic and constant use. The stools feature sumptuously cushioned vinyl seats, encouraging customers to unwind and indulge while enjoying the electrifying ambiance of the bar. Exposed piping and hanging factory lights add a sense of urban industrial style to the area for a memorable experience.

Whether for a drink and a game or a sit-down family dining experience, you can count on Stockyards not to disappoint. For more information on the restaurant please visit Stockyards Tavern

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