Restaurant furniture design

The Indian restaurant updated its restaurant seating with dining booths, wood tables and restaurant chairs.

Restaurant furniture design

Having been operational for over 10 years, Urban Tadka is a striving independent business owned in a trio partnership which takes great pride in customer satisfaction, excellent service and overall an exalting dining experience through quality and consistency. Set in a tranquil location in Irving Texas, Urban Tadka is an ideal space for socializing, entertaining and of course dining for various purposes in their renovated dining room, bar area, relaxed lounge space and professional staff. This restaurant presents refined Indian food of today created and prepared by a galaxy of master chefs with verve, finesse and passion. While the items are re updated from time to time, the menu still remains true to classic and authentic Indian recipes while reflecting today’s food trends. The unique essence of Urban Tadka’s food and service is their broadest range and variety of tandoori dishes, curries, Indian grills and tapas collection. Using zesty and sophisticated marinades that add flavor and distinction to their dishes, Urban Tadka is dedicated to delivering the finest of quality and the highest of flavors to their customers.

Urban Tadka does its utmost to embrace and meet customer expectations by providing distinctive experience and guaranteeing satisfaction throughout service. Whether it’s an in-house dining or venue catering, Urban Tadka sets its standards higher in bringing phenomenal services, and entertainment. In spite of their catering services, Urban Tadka defines itself by celebrating special occasions and festivities with their valued customers. Thus, they place great effort into ensuring potent value for their customers and do their best to meet their needs and preferences. Additionally, they maintain a philosophy of excellent service coupled with providing high quality food and makes sure it transcends into every action.

Restaurant furniture design

For over a decade, Urban Tadka has been a to-go restaurant for Indian cuisine among locals in Irving Texas. Though not much has changed over the course of time, this budget friendly Indian restaurant began to expand their menu to include more classic favorites from the region of Punjab. The menu has evolved with influences from cities like Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Kabul, Patiala, Multan and Amritsar. Hence, the menu has evolved with influences from the gourmet metropolis. Tadka is a cooking technique used in North India to bring the flavors to the food this restaurant prepares with exotic spices like cinnamon, cumin seed, saffron, bay leaves, mustard seeds, green and black cardamom. With Urban and Yadka meeting, customers will experience a scintillating ride through this culinary haven that they will remember for a lifetime.

Urban’s décor is described to be cozy but to elevate it to a more sophisticated flair, they decided to update their restaurant seating. They contacted Affordable Seating who was able to apply their expertise in refining their décor. They furnished their dining room with plain back dining booths upholstered in sand vinyl accompanied with plank wood table tops accented by a set of fully padded restaurant wood chairs. With exceptional durability, comfort and style, the restaurant seating is made of American materials made to last through the rigors which is crucial for Urban Tadka’s high traffic restaurant.

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