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Affordable Seating is one of the most competitively priced manufacturers nationwide. We are always observing the market and adjust prices and products accordingly. We would like to announce that we are launching our "Price Guarantee" program.

Affordable Seating commits to the best price in the market. Found the same items somewhere else for a better price? All items which carry the "Price Guarantee" logo (see above) will be given a discount of up to 5%* on any lower quote. Please submit the quote by fax to (888) 496-5554 or email You can also submit your quote via our automated system at the "Shopping Cart" page. All quotes must be on official letterhead and must include all fees, shipping costs, and tax if applicable.

*The discount amount will be determined by the items and total cost of your order. Only orders of $1,500 and up qualify for the "Price Guarantee" program.

Table Tops & Table Bases

SQUARE TABLES Table Size Base Size
24 x 24 22x22 or 17”Round
30 x 30 22x22 or 17” Round
36 x 36 30x30 or 22” Round
42 x 42 36x36 or 30” Round
24 x 30 22x22 or 17” Round
24 x 42 22x30 or 22”Round
24 x 48 22x30 or 22” Round
30 x 42 22x30 or 22” Round
30 x 48 22x30 or 22” Round
30 x 60 (2) 22x22 or (2) 17” Round
30 x 72 (2) 22x22 or (2) 22” Round
ROUND TABLES Table Size Base Size
24” Diameter 22x22 or 17” Round
30” Diameter 22x22 or 17” Round
36” Diameter 30x30 or 22” Round
42” Diameter 36x36 or 30” Round
48” Diameter 30” Round
54” Diameter 30” Round
60” Diameter 30” Round

Choosing a table top and base is as easy as 1,2,3. The first thing to consider is the type of material you want for your tables. Affordable Seating offers a wide range of solid wood, laminate, overlay and many more table top choices. When visualizing your restaurant, generally a solid wood table top would best fit in a fine dining establishment or steakhouse. Affordable Seating has many finishes to choose from such as mahogany or cherry. You might find laminate table tops in your everyday family restaurant. Reversible laminate table tops would best fit in high traffic restaurants such as a fast-food establishment. These tables are commercial grade and will help ease your pocket as they can withstand the wear and tear of a fast- paced restaurant.

After you have selected a table top, you will need a table base. We offer round, x-prong, and bolt down bases. The weight of your table and size of your table must be taken into consideration when choosing the right table base. Choosing a large 48” circle table with a 30” round base can weigh up to 130lbs depending on materials used. You may want to take into consideration flexibility with moving tables around in your restaurant, when choosing certain combinations.

Our table top and table base guide will help ensure you create the best table combinations possible. Affordable seating is here to help you in all your restaurant seating needs. If this is your first venture being a restaurateur, our sales team is here to help. Please call (888) 495-8884.