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While good customer service and food is an integral facet of the restaurant business, ambiance is another factor that should be accounted for. Customers should feel comfortable and enjoy their meals at your restaurant. With over a decade of servicing for the food industry, we understand the impact a restaurant design and layout has on the customer experience.

Regardless of the size, type and location of the restaurant, every basic layout includes general areas of the entrance, kitchen, dining room and restrooms. Paying attention to even the smallest of details of a venue will enable you to produce a positive dining experience for your customers and built your business. Creating a layout plan can be challenging but we make it easy for you. As a leading online commercial furniture distributor, we can assist you with your design and layout plans as well as finding the right furnishings that coordinate with your décor.

A restaurant design should be a balance between a maximum seating capacity and a welcoming ambiance you wish to create for your guests. Your venue should be a place where customers feel relaxed enough to want to return but also a lucrative business venture. Some restaurants put more focus on the interior design whereas other establishments prioritize seating capacity. Our sales experts help you find a perfect medium in both, especially when developing a space plan for your location.

Ultimately, the design and layout you create should move your guests through the space without any difficulties. The space should be conducive to your staff and creates a pleasant experience for your clientele. A well thought-out layout and design can increase probability and your ability to serve your customers.

Need help designing the layout for your restaurant? Let Affordable Seating’s professional team help you. All we need from you is your seating area dimensions and some preference regarding using booths, high tops, barstools, etc… We will provide you with 2 seating arrangement diagrams to choose from. The service is priced at $200, but if you place an order of $3,000 or more we will waive this fee.

See below some sample seating arrangements for your reference.

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